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Alabama Barker Blasted For 'Black Girl Cosplay' After Latest Rap Video

Alabama Barker Rap Accused Black Girl Cosplay

Alabama Barker is taking heat for her latest rap video!

If you didn’t know, Travis Barker‘s 17-year-old daughter is currently trying to become the next big thing in the music scene, but fans aren’t exactly on board — for numerous reasons!

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On Sunday, the teen posted a TikTok lip-syncing to her new song. As the daughter of one of the industry’s most celebrated drummers and producers, expectations were high — but listeners were quickly thrown off with lyrics like:

“We ain’t together, when I’m wit’ him he know I’m the realest / I ain’t no opposition, all these bitches in their feelings”

And it wasn’t just the lyrics. It was the delivery. She continues:

“Listen, who the f**k y’all talking to / I’m Alabama, get to know me, I might spazz on you / I’m walking in and 20 bitches staring yeah I know I’m cool”

In the video, she dances in her bathroom, in a full face of makeup and rocking bright orange hair. Right when the music kicks in, though, fans began to notice that her accent radically changes — to a “Blaccent.” And they’re now calling her out for doing “Black girl cosplay.” Upset viewers wrote:

“The girls are really getting good at their black girl cosplay. Like they are really committing!”

“How y’all rap like this and be from the Hollywood hills”

“Why you change up your voice”

She challenged the last commenter to find proof of her vocal changes, so it seems like she doesn’t think she did anything wrong.

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Others criticized the entire concept of her becoming a rapper, writing:

“I don’t understand how white girls be rich and decide to do this? the way I would be at a pool spending money somewhere like what.”

“You can buy a lot of things but you cannot buy a flow.”

“Well this song is…it’s something. It’s definitely something”

“I don’t know why Alabama Barker don’t just rap about being rich and growing up in luxury or something.”

“I can’t do the identity crisis thing anymore ppl”

Of course, she couldn’t help but get plenty of comments about her famous and musically inclined father either:

“Her dad is Travis Barker.. how’d this happen???”

“Girl yo daddy is Travis Barker not Travis Scott


That said, she did get lots of support from her followers for putting herself out there and being creative. Some even compared her to a young Justin Bieber, Bhad Bhabie, or Iggy Azalea… not that the last comparison is helping… Take a listen and decide for yourself (below):


Im posting the top 10 i like on my story

♬ original sound – Alabama barker

This isn’t the first time Alabama has received criticism for her music. After posting a teaser of her first song, Dime in the Rough, last month, she returned to the app to clap back at haters, saying she doesn’t “care what people think that have no motivation and [are] talentless.” She’s also often been called out for acting way more mature than her age, so she’s used to the critics by now. What do YOU think about this controversy? Sound OFF (below)!

[Image via FayesVision/WENN/Alabama Barker/TikTok.]

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