Alec Baldwin Wants To Sing At Donald Trump’s Inauguration — If He Can Perform THIS Appropriate Song!

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If you’ve been following the news about Donald Trump‘s inauguration, then you know he’s having trouble landing artists to perform at the ceremony!

While we’re THRILLED several artists including Celine Dion, KISS, Garth Brooks, Elton John, and more have all turned the gig down, there is one person who wants to perform — Alec Baldwin!

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The 58-year-old’s Trump impression is ALWAYS a highlight of Saturday Night Live, but it sounds like he actually wants to take the opportunity to sing a song!

The actor took to Twitter to share:

We can’t think of a better theme for Trump’s presidency than AC/DC‘s classic hit! LOLz!

But is Baldwin serious about doing it? Because The Donald is getting really desperate…

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Despite several performers reportedly being scared of being blackballed, the future POTUS tired to save face in the most ridiculous way before Chrissy Tiegen SHUT HIM DOWN! YAS!

Unfortunately, Donald was able to get a couple acts as he landed The Rockettes and there’s word The Beach Boys could still perform. Other performers at the inauguration currently include 16-year-old America’s Got Talent contestant Jackie Evancho and Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

You know, BIG name stars. LOLz!

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Donald of course isn’t all that keen on Mr. Baldwin’s impression, but it’s a good thing the actor can stand his ground.

Plus all the p*ssy grabbing troll has to do to stop the Emmy winner from dressing pretending to be the president elect, is just release his tax returns!

Though that will likely NEVER happen.

Would you like to see Alec perform the classic rock song dressed as Trump at the big event?!

[Image via NBC.]

Dec 23, 2016 1:29pm PDT