Alex Rodriguez Plans On SUING MLB Unless They Lift Suspension!

alex rodriguez plans on suing mlb if they dont lift ban

Alex Rodriguez is NOT going down without a fight!

In fact, it sounds like he wants to take on the MLB head-on, as sources close to the New York Yankees slugger say he’s planning on suing the league unless they completely lift his 211 game suspension!

A-Rod was recently handed one of the largest bans in baseball history for his links to using performance enhancing drugs and attempting to cover his tracks, but apparently he doesn’t feel the punishment fits the crime!

The Bronx Bomber admitted to using PEDs back in 2003, but insiders claim he never “knowingly” used them since then. He also claims that he has been drug tested 11 times since 2011 and NONE of the results came back positive.

As for the claims that Alex interfered with the league’s PED investigation, he says they have absolutely NO proof!

Last but certainly not least, A-Rod’s legal team is NOT happy that Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Ryan Braun was only suspended for the rest of the season after he was found guilty of using steroids in 2011, and they claim the disproportional punishments prove the league’s investigation has been “abusive and borderline illegal.”

The main difference between the two cases is Alex has been linked to PED use multiple times whereas this is Braun’s first offense. Still, his punishment was surprisingly harsh!

It seems like a bold move for A-Rod to demand the league to lift his suspension entirely, but he must be pretty confident if he’s willing to take the case to Federal court! However, if it doesn’t work out, we can’t help but feel like his baseball playing days might be over!

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Aug 14, 2013 12:03pm PST

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