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Amanda Bynes Checks Herself Into New Inpatient Facility Following Latest Psychiatric Incident

Amanda Bynes Checks Herself Into New Inpatient Facility Following Latest Psychiatric Incident

Amanda Bynes is prioritizing getting the help she needs.

More than a month after the 37-year-old was placed on a 5150 psychiatric hold, she’s opting to keep the inpatient care going. Sunday, a source with inside knowledge told TMZ that the She’s the Man star chose to check herself into a new mental health treatment center in Orange County, California not long after she was released from her June psychiatric hold.

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If you remember, LAPD was called to a local residence about a woman “in distress” last month. When they arrived, the woman was discovered to be Bynes, who was “intercepted” by officers. At the time, eyewitnesses claimed she appeared calm and cooperative while dealing with the cops, but ultimately looked “defeated.” Law enforcement reportedly believed she needed extra assistance, so they took her to the police station for a medical evaluation, where it was determined she required more intensive medical attention. So, they placed her on a 5150 psychiatric hold.

As a refresher, a 5150 hold can be deemed necessary for a patient by law for up to 72 hours. In that three day time period, the patient is surrounded by medical professionals in a treatment center.

A few days after all those reports, TMZ broke the news that the What a Girl Wants star’s hold was to be extended for another full week to allow doctors as much time as they needed to help stabilize her condition with medication and therapy. A source told the outlet at the time that the Easy A actress does well when she keeps up with her meds, but that she tends to try and wean herself off when she begins to feel more clear minded — which often results in the sort of mental health crises that landed her in the hold to begin with.

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As for now, the news org reported that Bynes checked herself into the OC mental health treatment center just one week after being released from her extended June hold. Apparently, she was given the option to try outpatient treatment where she could be in her own home, but she felt that she needed more intensive care.

It’s good to hear that Amanda recognized she shouldn’t be alone and needed extra help — it seems to be a recurring theme for the Nickelodeon alum.

At the new inpatient facility, Amanda reportedly enjoys being surrounded by medical staff, therapists, and fellow patients, who all provide her social interaction and round-the-clock care.

We hope Amanda continues to get better! We’re so glad she made such a wise decision for herself. Sending love!

[Image via Amanda Bynes/Instagram]

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