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Amanda Bynes Is Getting Her Face Tattoo Removed!

amanda bynes : getting her face tattoo removed

It’s truly the start of a new era for Amanda Bynes.

As we’ve been reporting, the Nickelodeon icon recently filed to end the conservatorship that she’s been living under for the last nine years. Her mother Lynn Bynes has been serving as her conservator, but Amanda is ready to strike out on her own. And she’s marking this major life decision with changes big and small.

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One of those changes is getting rid of her infamous face tattoo. She first debuted the ink, a simple heart outline on her cheek, back in 2019. On Wednesday, she posted on her new Instagram account to share the “tattoo removal process” with fans — showing the ink is noticeably lighter already!

Another small change is the 35-year-old’s hair — when she first launched the account to thank fans for their “love and support,” she was rocking some dip-dyed gray locks. But in another Wednesday post, she wrote:

“bye bye ombré hair !”

Can’t wait to see the full new look!

The biggest change, of course, will be the end of the conservatorship, which is expected to be addressed in her court hearing on March 22. According to Tamar Arminak, her parents’ attorney, they are “thrilled” about the “good news.” He told NBC News:

“The professionals say she is ready to make her own life choices and decisions and are so proud of her. They 100 percent support her decision to end the conservatorship.”

Speaking with E! News last month, Arminak spoke specifically about her mother-slash-conservator’s feelings on the subject. He said:

“Lynn is so incredibly proud of the progress Amanda has made over the last few years and is so excited about the next chapter in Amanda’s life. Based on the petition, and Amanda’s amazing progress, she completely supports Amanda’s request to terminate the conservatorship.”

The What A Girl Wants star has made significant strides to get to this point. In 2020, she moved into a “structured community for women.” Last year, she reportedly transitioned to an apartment community that “offers an independent living environment for women poised to transition into an autonomous lifestyle,” according to court records obtained by E! News.

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Based on recent current events, you might think that the recent emancipation of Britney Spears had something to do with Amanda filing to end her own conservatorship. However, her lawyer David A. Esquibias insisted to Vanity Fair:

“Any similarities between the timing of Britney‘s conservatorship termination are Amanda are purely coincidental.”

Well, it’s a very happy coincidence, then. We’re so glad to hear Amanda is in such a positive space. And we hope these changes she’s making help pave the way for a healthy, successful new chapter in her life.

[Image via Amanda Bynes/Instagram]

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