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Amber Rose & Julia Fox Get Candid About What It Was Like To Date Their Mutual Ex Kanye West!

Amber Rose & Julia Fox Open Up About What It Was Like To Date Kanye West!

Amber Rose and Julia Fox are comparing notes about one of their exes!

During the latest episode of the Uncut Gems star’s podcast Forbidden Fruits, the two sat down for an honest conversation about their mutual ex Kanye West – and spilled some tea! For those who don’t recall, Amber had been with the 45-year-old rapper from 2008 to 2010 – an experience that pushed her into the spotlight. While the 39-year-old model feels Kanye’s shadow follows her more than a decade later, she does not “shy away from that, because it is a really big part of my story and how I became famous.” But at the time? Amber explained she was very “surprised” by the media attention surrounding her at first and felt “thrown to the sharks” by Ye:

“I think the funny part is I didn’t have anyone to look to and say, ‘Okay this happened to her so it’s going to happen to me.’ I was the first, I was the girlfriend and then all of the sudden I was by myself walking around and paparazzi would follow me around, alone, and I would say ‘I’m not famous, he’s not with me. You don’t have to follow me.’”

That’s when Julia, who dated the record producer in early 2022 following his split from Kim Kardashian, entered the convo. She told Amber she had a theory that Kanye has “always been the same, kind of,” and he has become “more extreme” in recent years:

“I feel like he has always just had really lofty dreams and always kind of pushing the envelope as much as he can, pushing the boundaries – like if you tell the man no, he is going to find a way to get yes.”

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Amber agreed with the 33-year-old actress, bringing up his controversial and problematic behavior as of late:

“I think he has always been this person, I can say he was very similar when we were together. Years of buildup will make a motherf**ker look crazy after a while because you’re just fed up. I definitely can’t make any excuses for the things that he says because I don’t agree with them.”

He’s certainly done a string of messed up things over the past couple of years…

Recalling their relationship, Amber shared that the two began hanging out after receiving an invitation to appear in one of his music videos at the time. While things were not romantic between them at first, she said Kanye invited her to attend the Grammys as his date before shooting the video in Los Angeles. However, the television personality had only expected to be there for a day and had no clothes for the event. That’s when the musician stepped in and took her shopping. Amber remembered having “tears in my eyes,” saying:

“I couldn’t believe it. I was crying in the store. It was just shocking, because I had been so poor my whole life and to have that ‘Cinderella’ or ‘Pretty Woman’ [moment].”

When the mom of two needed to go home for a funeral, Kanye checked up on her and told her to come back to LA, just come here and live with me” – much to her surprise since they had not kissed or been intimate at the time. But she returned to El Lay and was adamant they get tested for STDs before they slept with each other. Once that was done, Amber joked:

“Then it was on and crackin’!”

Julia then chimed in that Kanye was “very receptive, very interested” and did have “some really amazing qualities,” saying:

“He is really charming when you really get him.”

While she felt like their whirlwind romance was a “fairytale” at first, she has a different perspective looking back on it now:

“In hindsight, I’m like, okay that might have been like love bombing. … If it seems too good to be true, it most likely is.”

Ultimately, both women felt that Ye is a talented artist – but as Rose noted “he’s a lot to deal with on a personal level.” That’s for sure. Reactions to Amber and Julia’s confessions, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments below.

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