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WTF, MUVA?! Amber Rose Announces She's Supporting Donald Trump, Noted Abuser Of Women, For President!

WTF?! Amber Rose Announces She's Supporting Abuser Donald Trump For President!

Ummm, WTF, Amber Rose!!!

In one of the WILDEST turns we’ve seen in a good while, the Gotcha rapper — who’s always been known for her firm feminist beliefs — has publicly endorsed Donald Trump for the 2024 presidential election! We WISH we were joking!

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She posted an Instagram pic on Monday with the former president and his wife Melania Trump, posing alongside the sexual abuser with duck lips as he held a thumbs up. She captioned the shocking pic:

“Trump 2024

See for yourselves (below):

It took no time for fans to flood Muva’s comments with disbelief, calling her out for the controversial endorsement — especially considering her unwavering fight for women’s rights:


“Imagine being an ‘advocate’ for women’s rights and endorsing Trump and his party who reversed Roe V. Wade. Wild”


“Unfollow with the quickness. He is against everything I thought you stood for. Bye girl”

“I’ve never unfollowed someone for political reasons but to speak on feminism the way you have then align yourself with him, let’s me know it was all fake from the jump. There’s no way you can support women while supporting this man. I hope it’s all worth it for you”

“Damn Amber … You’re a Bisexual woman of color that runs a movement that stands up for Women’s rights and their power against anyone that abuses it….that’s literally OPPOSITE of what he supports…smdh”

If you didn’t know, Amber famously founded SlutWalk, an organization which fights for pretty much ALL things women’s rights… Bringing an end to rape culture, victim blaming, and the slut-shaming all too commonly associated with sexual assault victims. HOW in the world can someone who has such strong beliefs openly support a man who has been legally found to have committed sexual abuse?! We’re just going to repeat that real quick. Donald Trump was found by a jury to have committed sexual abuse against E. Jean Carroll, one of his many accusers. He is, legally, a sexual abuser. Not to mention all his discriminatory political beliefs like being the point of the spear against abortion rights! He’s literally the complete opposite of everything she advocates for!

In the wake of her endorsement, old posts of hers on X (Twitter) have resurfaced, showing how she used to be firmly against the former president. In one, she insinuated he was trash, while she called him a “sexual predator” in another. See (below):

Like, WTF?? Where’s THAT energy now?!

The mother of two has since doubled down on her OG post, criticizing President Joe Biden:

“Lmaooo yall think Biden cares about black people??? Sad. Do ur research. I did. I’ll ALWAYS put women first. Y’all want biological men in women’s sports. Trump supports the most reasonable compromise on abortion. Stop being brainwashed cuz WE’RE ppl of color. Make your own decisions.”

Wow. That’s inane. Sorry, but Trump has done more than anyone to TOTALLY BAN abortion, that’s not a “reasonable compromise.” He’s only backing away from it now because he knows it’s unpopular, and we cannot believe someone as savvy as we thought Amber was could fall for it.

What are YOUR reactions to Amber’s neck-breaking switch up, Perezcious readers?? Let us know down in the comments.

[Images via Amber Rose & Donald Trump/YouTube]

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