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Has Ariana Grande's Accent Changed?!

Has Ariana Grande's Accent Changed?!

Ariana Grande’s speaking voice has just as much range as her singing voice! LOLz!

The Yes, And? singer was Penn Badgley’s latest guest on his Podcrushed podcast, and she had fans in a frenzy over her switch in accent mid-conversation! While talking about her latest album Eternal Sunshine and the possibility of putting out a deluxe version with new songs, Ariana explained:

“I went to the studio the day after the Met [Gala] and I stayed for 10 days and I was literally living there and I felt like I woke up today and I felt like Austin Powers being unfrozen, and I was like, ‘Where have I been?’”

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Penn complimented her reference to the Mike Myers films, which the We Can’t Be Friends singer candidly responded to in a deeper tone than she had been speaking in for the rest of the interview:

“That’s the only thing I thought of, that’s how I felt. I was like, what has happened?”

The 30-year-old then quickly switched back to her higher, breathier tone, and added:

“But, yeah I’ve been writing a lot and maybe there’s some more, but I would like to do a deluxe at some point.”

Watch the moment beginning at about the 21:45 mark (below):

Because of Ariana’s change in tone, the clip has taken off on social media with fans not holding back on jokes:


“Me when I have to use my customer service voice”

“regular Ariana was coming out for a second”

“she has two personalities with how quick her voice changed”

Some users joked that it’s her character Glinda from the upcoming Wicked movie that’s holding her more authentic deep voice hostage:

“i know she can’t wait for wicked to drop so she can stop talking like glinda she sick of doing that voice”

“I hate her Glinda voice it sounds like she inhaled helium”

“a combination of her interview voice and her Glinda voice, but whenever she’s geeking and really laughing at smt, the real voice has no choice but to come out”

“oh that glinda is escaping slowly but surely IKTR”


Others defended her as a versatile artist:

“Here’s a wild take: she sounds lovely with any voice”

“its time people realize she is a VOCALIST ofc she’ll have multiple voices”

She has since addressed the viral moment in a TikTok comment. She explained:

“habit (speaking like this for two years) an also vocal health 🙂 i intentionally change my vocal placement (high / low) often depending on how much singing i’m doing i’ve always done this BYE”

Ariana Grande Addresses Changing Accent
(c) TikTok

So, there you have it, then. Do U buy her explanation, tho?! REMEMBER — she has been wildly criticized for her *Blaccent* era previously… So she’s no stranger to a switch up depending on the room she’s in! Thoughts?? Share ’em (below)!

[Images via Podcrushed/YouTube & Ivan Nikolov/WENN]

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