Ariana Grande Accused Of Putting On A ‘Blaccent’ — What Do YOU Think??

OK, there’s no denying one thing: Ariana Grande does NOT look and sound like she did just five years ago.

As the Nickelodeon star has come into her own — and become one of the most popular recording artists in the world — she has undoubtedly changed up how she presents herself.

But is she just more confident and natural? Are we seeing the real Ari now?

Or is there something more cynical going on here??

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Some folks online are suggesting the thank u, next singer is purposely putting on a “blaccent” — sounding more stereotypically “hood” — in a calculated effort to appeal to a broader demographic. (Which is something people really do!)

We’ve even seen her change in skin tone described as “brownface”! Really!

See what some of these critics (or are they conspiracy theorists?) have to say:

We’re seeing a lot of debate about this online!

Now we want to know what YOU think!

Is Ariana Grande being a “culture vulture” as other celebs have been accused lately?

Or is she just being herself, a natural change over time based on who she hangs out with, what style she finds appealing, etc?

Vote (below)!!!


[Image via Andres Otero/BBC/WENN.]

Dec 6, 2018 5:54pm PST