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Is Ariana Madix's Brother Stirring Drama To Get A Spot On VPR??

Ariana Madix's Brother Jeremy Says Their Rift Is Completely Separate From Scandoval!

Is this the real reason for the rift between Ariana Madix and her brother? Hmm…

Last month, Jeremy Madix — who has made appearances on seasons of Vanderpump Rules in the past — revealed on a podcast he has been estranged from the 38-year-old reality star over the past couple of months. He remained tight-lipped on the ongoing feud with Ariana at the time. But given Jeremy was seen hugging her ex-boyfriend Tom Sandoval recently, one could assume he switched sides and chose Team Sandoval after the cheating scandal, and that is why he and his sister are on the outs! Talk about a massive betrayal if that was the case! Girl cannot catch a break!

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However, Jeremey insists their rift is not Scandoval-related at all! He old Us Weekly they had not spoken in months due to Ariana’s poor behavior toward his new fiancée, Rachael. No, not Rachel Leviss. What a messed up situation that would be, huh?! It would give Hannah Brown’s brother marrying the girlfriend her ex-fiancé Jed Wyatt had while on The Bachelorette vibes! But thankfully, we are not at that level of reality TV. We’re talking about a completely different Rachael. Jeremy explained:

“Why I haven’t been talking to my sister and Scandoval are two totally separate things. I just want to clarify that I haven’t talked to my sister due to me having to stand up for my fiancée. There’s been some small microaggressive gestures toward my fiancée, and that’s what’s led to me not talking to my sister.”

“Small microaggressive gestures”?! What! He continued:

“It’s been going on for quite some time. I think that we’ve just been kind of letting it pass, because of course I’m always going to have my sister’s back. But I was put in a position where I choose my sister, or do I choose the person I’m going to spend the rest of my life with?”

FYI, Jeremy got engaged to Rachael on Sunday at Jax’s Studio City. Noticeably, Scheana Shay and Jax Taylor had been at the proposal. And it doesn’t seem like Ariana had been in attendance. Oof. Jeremy claims he has no idea why Ariana and his partner do not get along, adding:

“I feel like no one can really put their finger on why that [was going on]. Ariana is a sweet, kind girl. I love her so much. So it’s not always in your face all the time. It’s just little slight things that maybe not everyone would notice.”

While Jeremy does not like how Ariana treated Rachael, he said he still tried to reach out back in December. However, she ignored him. Jeremy recalled:

“I reached out to her in December basically just saying, ‘I love you so much. I would love to talk to you soon.’ Then she never opened it or responded, so I tried.”

Hmm. Despite their falling out, Jeremy is hopeful for a reconciliation soon. He told the outlet he wants to hear from his sister again since he does “miss her”:

“I know she’s super busy and I’m extremely supportive of everything that she’s doing and everything that she’s accomplished, but I miss her and I would love to hear from her. That’s my sister, she changed my diapers. She loves me very much. She’s always kind of seen herself as my protector, and I would say most certainly we could get to a point of being closer. That’s kind of what I’m yearning for. Neither one of us is very good about communicating our feelings, which is why we need to just have a raw, organic talk.”

But what does not help their current messy situation? As we mentioned, Jeremey has been spotted with Sandoval. Ariana made it very clear she plans to distance herself from anyone who continuously hangs out with her ex-boyfriend. So if Jeremy hopes to get back in Ariana’s good graces, kicking it with Sandoval is not the way to go about it! Just ask Lala Kent and Scheana Shay! Two people who have ALSO abruptly flipped the script on Ariana once Scandoval wasn’t benefiting them anymore.

However, he insisted there is a slim chance he and the TomTom co-owner could be pals again, though. That said, Jeremy does feel they should have a one-on-one conversation with Sandoval about what went down between him and his sister:

“I don’t think that me and Tom could ever be friends again and be where we were. I’ll always have my sister’s back. But obviously there’s things that I would like to call Tom out on. He did something very grotesque to me and my family, and I think that that deserves a conversation.”


We hope this is not the case, but we cannot help but think Jeremy is only stirring up some drama with Ariana in order to secure a spot on the next season of Vanderpump Rules. He was reportedly seen supporting Ariana during her run in Chicago on Broadway, which is suspect considering this latest interview.

He previously teased on a podcast that everyone can see “if the world is hallucinating” about whether he hugged Sandoval “on season 12 [of VPR].” Then, Jer is publicly talking about some beef with his sister and hopes to have a chat with Sandoval. No to mention, he has been hanging out A LOT with Scheana and her husband Brock Davies lately. Take a look (below):

Ariana Madix's Brother Jeremy Says Their Rift Is Completely Separate From Scandoval!
(c) Brock Davies/Instagram

The timing of all this seems suspicious if you ask us! Have not only many of your friends joined Team Sandoval but your own brother? It certainly makes for some interesting reality TV, enough to capture the attention of Bravo producers…

What are YOUR thoughts, Perezcious readers? Do you think Jeremy is trying to create a storyline to land on VPR? Sound OFF in the comments below.

[Image via Bravo/YouTube, Winston Burris/WENN]

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