Audrina’s Eff Buddy?


L.C. isn’t the only one with a fun summer fling!

According to Star magazine, things were hot and heavy between Australian BMX racer Corey Bohan and Audrina Patridge at downtown LA hotel The Standard earlier in the month.

A bunch of people were there to celebrate Bohan’s performance at this year’s X Games.

A snitch said, “They spent the whole day together. Audrina was being really flirty with Corey. She was jumping on his back and would playfully splash water in his face, which was making him laugh. He was holding her in the pool, and at one point, she leaned in to kiss him.”

Audrina apparently has been seeing Bohan between her on-again phases with Justin “Bobby” Brescia.

The OC girl and Corey supposedly first hooked up last October.

He’s a yummy rebound boy!

The Oz biker boy is way hotter than Justin Bobby for sure!!

[Image via Getty Images.]

Aug 13, 2008 6:15pm PDT

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