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Audrina Patridge & Lo Bosworth’s Feud On The Hills Was TOTALLY FAKE!!!

Audrina Patridge & Lo Bosworth’s Feud On The Hills Was TOTALLY FAKE!!!

Lo Bosworth spilled the tea about her feud with Audrina Patridge on The Hills! And what she said about it may or may not shock fans!

During the fourth season of the reality show, the two co-stars were at odds after moving in with Lauren Conrad. During their rift, Audrina even told Lo they would “never be friends” — no matter how much the Laguna Beach alum wanted to put in the effort to work things out for the sake of their friendship with Lauren! Watch (below):

Now brace yourselves, The Hills fans! Contrary to what viewers watched, it turns out Audrina and Lo WERE FRIENDS throughout the entire season! So that feud storyline? It was all fake — at least, according to Lo! We apparently have producers to thank for their on-screen drama! What’s more? The pair had no idea about the feud narrative until the season aired! She told Page Six’s Virtual Reali-Tea podcast on Wednesday:

“The season of The Hills where Audrina and I were at odds when they shot that season, I had no idea that we were at odds. I thought we were friends, and then the edit came out and the edit was not a very flattering edit of me.”

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Oof. Lo claimed the editors created the on-screen drama between her and Audrina by cutting the show “together with voiceovers” and footage of her “staring off into space” that made it seem their friendly hang outs were not that. And sadly, what appeared in the final cut of the season hurt her friendship with Audrina:

“I think, unfortunately, for her, that created a sense of, ‘Oh, we must not be friends in real life.’ But for me, that season, we were totally friends, and the show comes out, and it changes your real-life relationship. I hear that so often with other people who are on reality television. I was talking to Bethenny Frankel about exactly that the other day. You know, the edit that you get can affect your real-life relationships after the fact.”

Damn! That must have sucked! But you also have to give major props to the editors because they did a really good job of creating tension between Audrina and Lo — perhaps too good of a job! You know, since it did ruin their friendship afterward! Lo continued:

“You don’t know going into those shows when you’re young that they already have the entire season mapped out on a wall with Post-It notes of the entire storyline with the arcs and this person’s going to do this and this person’s going to do that.”

The Love Wellness founder even recalled producers would set up multiple camera angles for one scene alone to get the best shot for the storyline they wanted for certain cast members each season:

“On our show, they basically had us sit down for a scene, they would shoot it, and then they would reposition the cameras. And they would do it five or six times, and they would do it so you would say — they would get you to say what they wanted you to say. You know what I mean? They were doing it so ultimately that they could get the cut they wanted to fit the narrative that they had planned.”

If their feud was bogus, it now makes you wonder what other storylines were fake throughout the show! If you judge by the finale — everything was! Watch the interview (below):

Reactions, Perezcious readers? Are you shocked Audrina and Lo’s feud was fake? Sound OFF in the comments!

[Image via MTV Reality/YouTube, Lo Bosworth/Instagram]

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