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Did Casey Loza’s Estranged Husband Cheat On Her?? Audrina Patridge’s Sister Says...

Did Casey Loza’s Estranged Husband Cheat On Her?? Audrina Patridge’s Sister Addresses Claims!

Audrina Patridge’s sister is setting the record straight.

In case you missed it, Casey Loza announced on Instagram Friday that she broke up with her husband, Kyle Loza, just six months after suddenly losing their 15-year-old daughter Sadie. She wrote on Instagram:

“When Sadie died I was so deep inside my own pain I didn’t have space for Kyle’s. we all know I can’t half a** things. A broken heart is not enough, we must shatter it completely. And with love I release you back into the wild.”

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The 37-year-old claimed she “wanted to wait a year” before making this announcement. However, she felt the need to make a statement on the status of her and Kyle’s relationship when he “publicly posted he had moved on” with someone else:

“The only person on the internet I truly care about is Draven. And he’s been thru hell and came out more mature than me at times. so here we are. I’m making a public announcement that my marriage is over. So we can move forward without it being messy. We all grieve in different ways, as long as our childrens safety comes first this will just be another catalyst. Embarrassing af but hey it’s human. We’re here to experience every single part right?”

It’s devastating news, considering these two have been going through an unimaginable tragedy over the past year. But was there another horrible layer to this heartbreak? Shortly after the announcement, there was some speculation whether Casey was insinuating her estranged hubby had cheated on her. We mean, one could interpret her saying she couldn’t “hold space” for the tattoo artist while grieving the loss of Sadie and he ended up finding someone else during that time.

However, the Audrina star insisted infidelity was not the reason for their divorce! She took to Instagram Stories on Saturday to clarify some of her statements, saying:

“I just wanted to clarify something about my post yesterday. I don’t know if I worded it wrong or whatever. It was – It was hard to write, but Kyle didn’t cheat on me. That’s not why we’re getting a divorce. When I said I couldn’t hold space for him, I honestly couldn’t hold space for anyone, and he’s been taking care of the boys. And he found someone to hold space for him and that’s okay. We don’t hate him for that, and everyone’s healing in their own way.”

Casey concluded her message by asking everyone to “please be gentle with him” and not to “send him hate” moving forward. We’re glad she cleared those rumors up!

Hopefully, this breakup remains amicable. The two have certainly been through a lot already this year and definitely don’t need the added stress of a nasty divorce. We continue to send love to Casey during this difficult time. Reactions? Let us know in the comments below.

[Image via Casey Loza/Instagram, MEGA/WENN]

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