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Ben Affleck 'Furious' At Jennifer Lopez For Using Family Event As 'Photo Op': REPORT 

Ben Affleck 'Furious' At Jennifer Lopez For Using Family Event As 'Photo Op': REPORT

Jennifer Lopez can’t do anything right in Ben Affleck‘s eyes these days!

In her apparent effort to save their marriage amid divorce rumors, J.Lo’s been stepping out a lot more with her hubby to attend family events. This after they hadn’t been seen together for over 40 days! Well, it turns out the Air star is NOT a fan of this — because he thinks the singer is only doing it for good press!

According to Radar Online on Wednesday, sources claimed the Marry Me lead only showed up to her stepdaughter Violet‘s high school graduation party in late May as a way to save her relationship. Apparently, “she’s terrified her career is over” and believes her ties to Ben are the only thing keeping her career afloat right now. WHAT?!?!

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Sources argued her appearance was merely done for selfish reasons and to convince her husband to take her back — but he wasn’t falling for it. An insider dished:

“It’s pretty clear she’s just trying to save face by putting the blame on her personal life. When she showed up at the grad party and turned it into a photo op, Ben saw right through her.”

The confidant continued:

“He sent her packing after only an hour. He’s furious she used the occasion for her own self-involved motives.”


Just to play devil’s advocate, photographers have been following this couple EVERYWHERE since word of relationship trouble made headlines. Plus, they’ve each made an effort to attend various family events together — from school events to basketball games. Things might be rocky, but they are definitely still in each other’s lives. So, with that in mind, it seems very normal for Jennifer to attend the party and support Violet — and it’s not necessarily her fault that the cameras were there. She even showed up to the party with Ben. If he didn’t want her there, he could’ve easily prevented her from going or at least not arrived with her, y’know?!

By the way, according to, it’s true that J.Lo only stayed about an hour at the event — but she left WITH Ben! They drove together to Ben’s rental home and then went their separate ways. Still not great, but a very different story than the one Radar Online‘s sources are running with. Just saying!!

But this train of thought isn’t stopping these sources from dragging the Jenny from the Block singer for being “manipulative.” They went on:

“She denies she was at Violet’s event for any other reason than to show her support and has begged Ben to see how much pain walking away will cause the entire family. […] She loves his kids — but a lot of people think it’s manipulative!”

Well, it would be SUPER low to actively drag the kids into this! But nobody can deny this will affect them — that’s inevitable, and it sucks, but it’s life.

Regardless if these latest claims are accurate, it’s clear the husband and wife are facing big problems with their romance. Noting that Ben moved into a Brentwood rental closer to his ex Jennifer Garner and their kids, one insider said the Good Will Hunting alum has NO plans to return to his marital home (which they are trying to sell). The source dished:

“He’s told everyone marrying her was a mistake because they’re just too different!”

Bummer! As for the Shotgun Wedding star, she’s in a pickle. The insider explained that she “promoted the heck” out of the lovebird’s second chance at love — so it coming to an end is bad for business and all. They elaborated:

“To have it end in divorce isn’t just personally painful. It’s terrible from a marketing standpoint, too!”

It’s definitely not the happy ending she was looking for! But we have to hope that she’d be more heartbroken for herself than about her marketing opportunities! It just wouldn’t have been as good of a love story if that’s all she cared about! Thoughts? Sound OFF (below)!

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