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Jennifer Lopez & Leah Remini's Reconnection NOT Going Well -- Because They Fell Out Over More Than Ben Affleck!

Jennifer Lopez Falling Out Leah Remini Not Just Ben Affleck

Huh. Scratch that silver lining after all?

We heard recently Jennifer Lopez and her former BFF Leah Remini were finally reconciling after a huge falling out. What we’d always heard was how much Leah couldn’t get on board with Ben Affleck — and warned J.Lo he’d break her heart again. Jen didn’t want to hear that, hence the big fight — and the King of Queens star wasn’t even invited to the wedding. Ouch!

So now that Bennifer is falling through again, we heard earlier this week, Leah reached out to her bestie to show support. And the friendship was about to bloom once again…

But how much of that is true??

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DeuxMoi revealed on her Deux U podcast Thursday that a source told her this little reunion wasn’t going so well — because the falling out wasn’t all about Ben! There were serious issues between them before that!

Apparently back when they first fell out, source explained Leah had been annoying J.Lo ever since they co-starred in a movie called Second Act back in 2018. Per this source:

“J.Lo gave Leah a third tier part in it, and Leah milked it for all it was worth, just constantly posting about how they were best friends in the whole wide world and posting funny bloopers and outtakes, and just riding the whole ‘we are besties forever’ thing hard.”

They definitely gave that impression on the promo tour for the movie…

This insider says while they were “very good friends,” it wasn’t the way Leah was painting it because in reality she “was never J.Lo’s number one best friend” and Jen “always had an inner circle that didn’t include Leah.” Damn.

“J.Lo got really turned off by how much Leah hyped the friendship, and she was already a bit annoyed before that when Leah wrote so much about her in her book, all about escaping Scientology, where it made it seem like she risked life and death protecting J.Lo and Marc from being indoctrinated at Tom and Katie’s wedding, which wasn’t true.”

Dang! If Leah really was exaggerating her closeness with J.Lo, no wonder it was a turnoff! Seems like the Love Don’t Cost A Thing singer was willing to brush all that off… but then Ben came back in the picture. Deux’s source confirms Leah isn’t a fan of Ben. But apparently she still tried to get Bennifer to go on double dates out with her and her husband — and the Good Will Hunting alum wasn’t into it! He apparently didn’t dig Leah OR her husband!

OK, so with all that in mind… Deux reached out to an insider to ask about the reconciliation story. Are J.Lo and Leah cool again?

The source told her it is true they’ve reconnected, but “it’s not likely to go anywhere” because Leah is back to overhyping her position in J.Lo’s circle:

“Leah is trying to make it seem like she was some kind of fortune teller about the Ben reunion being doomed and was the brave friend who said something to J.Lo about it and therefore was iced out. That’s not true.”

Right, because if the initial falling out stuff was less about Ben, and more about how Jen felt about Leah and her… sorry to say it, but clout-chasing… then of course girl coming in and saying she was the only one who had her back, the only real friend, of course that’s going to be annoying as hell!

We mean, that would be kind of obnoxious if it was true, let alone this situation in which the insider says it’s not the source of the rift anyway, which was that Leah has “always oversold this friendship.” Damn.

Innerestingly, the source goes on to say Leah “was far from the only person to have misgivings” about the rekindling with Ben, and to share their concerns with J.Lo. Huh. Sounds like Jen has lots of shoulders to cry on if she needs them. Though right now we’ve been hearing she’s not ready to mourn the relationship yet an is still in fighting mode.

What do YOU think, Perezcious readers? Do you buy what this source is saying about these so-called BFFs??

[Image via The Late Late Show With James Corden/YouTube.]

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