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Beyoncé Appears To Throw VERY Vocal Support Behind Lizzo During Atlanta Concert!

Beyoncé Appears To Throw VERY Vocal Support Behind Lizzo In Atlanta Concert! Whoa!

The entire Atlanta metro area stopped on Monday night and showed out for Beyoncé‘s show at Mercedes-Benz Stadium. So there were tens of thousands in the audience — and tens of thousands of phones recording via their cameras — when it came time for the Queen Bey to dive into Break My Soul (Diva Remix).

As Perezcious readers will recall, that song has been the subject of serious attention lately after Bey appeared to snub Lizzo by altering the lyrics of it during a previous show. With all the much-reported lawsuit claims and allegations flying around the Truth Hurts singer, it seemed Bey wanted nothing to do with the drama at her show earlier this month. But now, uhhh, maybe that’s totally changed?! And it’s once again all love for Bey and Lizzo??

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On Monday night, during Atlanta’s iteration of her Renaissance Tour, the Houston-born songbird took a moment to say “I love you, Lizzo” during that song’s lyrical call-outs. Er, we think. Maybe?!

Ch-ch-check out the video for yourself (below) and listen carefully to the short clip from when Beyoncé lists out impactful Black women in the music world:


So, somebody says “I love you, Lizzo.” There’s no question about that. But was it Bey?? The voice that screams those words is definitely at a higher pitch than the singer’s cadence in previous lines. But the timing was perfect! It’s definitely a little strange. (The high-pitched “OK” that follows it is f**king hilarious, tho! LOLz!)

Whether or not it actually was Beyoncé screaming those words of support for Lizzo, the crazy community of X (Twitter) is up in arms over the perceived show of support. Here are just a few of the reactions to the Queen Bey’s apparent shoutout (below), with some conveying shock at the lyrical love, and others showing skepticism over the clip:

“Someone should stop her omg…we need her miles away from this case and Lizzo till its over”

“why did she do this ugh”

“she wouldn’t say this if she ain’t know all the details, she definitely knows something we don’t”

“they know she’s innocent yup”

“The verdict is in she’s innocent”

“This don’t even sound like her”

“I was there!! My response, I Know that’s right Bey!! Y’all know those Lizzo accusations sound wild and misconstrued!”

“Beyoncé what are you doing”

“Nah. Somebody should tell her”

“I was there and didn’t hear that but I guess?”



Ha!! Those last two are pretty clever!

There’s definitely something weird about the clip, tho. Ya know?! We’ve watched it 78 times already this morning trying to dissect the sound. Is that really Beyoncé’s voice?! Or a perfectly-time fan scream??

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Anyways, there are a lot of angles to the ongoing Lizzo lawsuit. Many are far more serious than Bey’s live lyrics. And there could be even more suits forthcoming against the Good As Hell songstress. So, this cropped-up concert controversy is not likely to be Lizzo’s top priority right now. But it is a little strange, isn’t it?!

What do U think, Perezcious readers?? Sound OFF with your take on Bey and Lizzo down in the comments (below)…

[Image via MEGA/WENN/Avalon]

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