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Why Billie Eilish Fans Think Jack Antonoff Just Threw Shade At Her Amid Rumored Taylor Swift Feud!

Why Billie Eilish Fans Think Jack Antonoff Just Threw Shade At Her Amid Taylor Swift Feud!

Did Taylor Swift’s longtime collaborator and friend Jack Antonoff just throw shade at Billie Eilish? That is what the Happier Than Ever singer’s fans think!

As you may recall, there was some drama between Taylor and Billie a few months ago. It all started in March when the 22-year-old slammed artists participating in the “wasteful practice” of dropping multiple vinyl editions of their albums to make “more money.” People quickly thought her comments were directed at Tay Tay since she usually releases different vinyls of her albums. However, Billie claimed she “wasn’t singling anyone out [and that] these are industry-wide systemic issues.” Hmm. Sure.

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Adding fuel to the feud fire, the Oscar winner said in May that she would never perform a three-hour-long concert as they are “far too long” and “literally psychotic.” But do you know who performs three-hour shows? Just two of the biggest artists in the industry: Taylor and Beyoncé! And the jabs toward the Cruel Summer artist did not stop there! Billie’s manager Danny Rukasin then liked and shared a super shady post that directly called out Taylor by her name!


The drama ended for a bit after the last scathing dig. But now, a new interview with Jack reignited the feud rumors between Taylor and Billie! Here’s the deal. The Bleachers frontman appeared on the Today Show on Thursday, where he talked about his songwriting process. Jack said:

“It’s hard to write unless you’re really compelled, and sometimes what compels you is way more serious things. I never feel like… You don’t hear a lot of great songs about like, one’s lunch order. So the things you don’t really understand and cause you pain are usually things worth writing about.”

Watch the interview (below):

Seems pretty harmless, right? Billie’s fans don’t think so! They believe the 40-year-old record producer subtly shaded her popular track LUNCH! As one person wrote on the X (Twitter):

“jack antonoff’s grown 40 year old self shading billie? Weirdo”

Many people agreed in the comments, noting his use of the word lunch was “oddly specific.” And we all know how Jack would go to bat for Taylor! However, fans possibly ready waaay too much into his comment! As many on social media pointed out, Jack is anything but subtle when it comes to shading people! He is not afraid to directly call out an artist by name! Does anyone else remember all of his comments and tweets about Taylor’s nemesis Kanye West? Not to mention that Billie’s song is not about lunch! It’s about her attraction to women! So it’s highly unlikely Jack was referencing her music! As social media users said:

“Jack antonoff is from new jersey. if he wanted to shade someone he’d do it straight up. that man genuinely just talking about a turkey sandwich or something. y’all need to relax.”

“I honestly dont think this was shade at all bc ‘LUNCH’ is not at all about lunch its about loving women.”

“people who think jack antonoff was shading billie by referring to a lovely little midday meal have never seen what he behaves like when he’s actually throwing shade”

“this is actually the biggest reach ever omggggggggg.”

But what do YOU think, Perezcious readers? Was Jack low-key being shady towards Billie? Sound OFF in the comments below!

[Image via TODAY/YouTube, MEGA/WENN]

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