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Another Taylor Swift Dig?? Billie Eilish BLASTED For Calling 3-Hour Concerts 'Literally Psychotic'!

Another Taylor Swift Dig?? Billie Eilish BLASTED For Calling 3-Hour Concerts 'Literally Psychotic'!

Billie Eilish is getting on Swifties’ bad side!

On Thursday, the musician was answering fan questions on the music app Stationhead when she insisted she’d never be performing a three-hour-long show — you know, unlike what popular artists like Taylor Swift and Beyoncé have been doing lately. She dished:

“Doing a 3 hour show. That’s literally psychotic. Nobody wants that. You guys don’t want that, I don’t want that, know what I’m saying? I don’t even want that as a fan. My favorite artist in the world, I’m not trying to hear them for three hours, you know what I mean? It’s far too long.”

Whoa! Sooooo shady, right?!

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Most listeners took this as a jab at Taylor since her Eras Tour typically lasts about 3 hours and 15 minutes. (In addition to the fact that Billie has seemingly had it out for her in recent interviews — but more on that in a minute). Queen Bey’s Renaissance World Tour has similarly been clocking in at around 2.5 to 3 hours. Mind you, they both went on to release concert films because the shows were so successful! And yet the Ocean Eyes artist is calling them “psychotic”?!

This brings us back to feud rumors. The What Was I Made For singer has seemingly been gunning for the All Too Well songwriter for a while now — and Swifties are NOT here for it!

The 22-year-old previously came under fire after calling out artists who take part in the “wasteful” practice of making “all sorts of different vinyl[s] and packing,” just to make “more money.” Fans instantly took that as a jab at TayTay since she’s known for that. But Billie clapped back, pointing out that she “wasn’t singling anyone out [and that] these are industry-wide systemic issues.” Billie also noted that she, herself, releases multiple variants. Still, it sparked an apparent feud — one she’s seemingly doubling down on now!

Reacting to Eilish’s latest controversial concert hot take, fans put Billie on blast by commenting across social media:

“….????? millions of people seem to want that but ok”

“I’ve never seen a single person complain about a concert being ‘too long.'”

“Billie can’t hold the energy, obviously, so clearly we don’t want a 3 hour set of her”

“Who does she think she is undermining taylor’s work ethic. She’s so jealous and insecure”

“She thinks her fans [don’t] love her art enough to sit through 3 hr show. Taylor knows what her fans want, and 3 hour show is exactly that.”

“she doesn’t want that bc she can’t do that”

“girl you need to stop digging before you drown”

Meanwhile, not everyone was a hater! Some of Billie’s fans stood up for her, arguing:

“Taylor was never once mentioned so please stop trying to create s**t that literally does not exist!”

“Stop taking stuff out of context. She was talking about her own setlist only”

She was definitely talking about any artist and not just herself, but okay! Support away! LOLz!

For the record, the bad guy vocalist previously praised both Beyoncé and Taylor in October 2023 while chatting with the Los Angeles Times, saying:

“I find it really hard to play stadiums. Beyoncé and Taylor [Swift] are untouchable superstars; the fact that they can put on a show that long, and it’s filled with so many incredible moments, is really amazing. I don’t want anyone to think I’m ungrateful about playing stadiums, but when you go to one, there’s nothing in you that thinks that the artist knows you’re there. I want the crowd to know that I am seeing them with my own eyes.”

Okay, so there was a hint of shade in there. But mostly, she had only nice things to say about the other musicians! So, have her feelings just changed over time? Or are fans taking her latest quotes out of context and starting drama that’s not there?? Tell us YOUR thoughts on this (below)!

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