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Oops?! Blac Chyna Reveals In Trial That She Hasn't Paid Taxes IN YEARS!

Oops?! Blac Chyna Reveals In Trial Testimony That She Hasn't Paid Taxes IN YEARS!

If Blac Chyna thought she had money problems before, she hasn’t seen nothin’ yet. At least, not from the government’s perspective!

The 33-year-old — whose real name is Angela Renée White — is in court this week as part of her high-profile civil trial against ex-partner and baby daddy Rob Kardashian‘s family. In the trial, White claims Kris Jenner and the gang intentionally and illicitly derailed her budding reality TV career after Chyna split acrimoniously from Rob. Now, the former adult dancer is seeking major damages, and a LOT is coming out on the stand!

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Chyna testified in court this week, as we’ve been reporting, and admitted she hasn’t filed taxes in several years! The influencer was being questioned about her finances by KarJenner lawyer Michael Rhodes on Thursday, in her second day under oath, when she revealed she hasn’t paid the IRS for at least the last four years.


Rhodes showed the jury a number of financial documents on Thursday, and asked Chyna why she failed to provide personal accounts — only sharing statements from her businesses. When the lawyer further explained that he’d been unable to find any tax returns for her since 2017, he asked whether she’d even filed.

Chyna’s answer was very simple:

“No I did not.”

Whaaaa? So she just admitted in court that she hasn’t filed taxes since 2017?! That seems like a problem???? And it actually goes deeper than that! Chyna claimed the last filing she made was for her businesses, and hasn’t personally filed an income tax return since at least 2015.

But it’s not like she’s not making money, either! The mom claimed she made more than $2 million between 2018 and 2020, including cash earned for celebrity appearances, as well as her BIG moneymaker, which is OnlyFans. Chyna testified that she’s made over $1 million on that adult-themed content site alone.

But where is all this money even going?! At one point during her testimony, Chyna copped to Rhodes that she doesn’t even have any personal bank accounts! How is this possible?!

Chyna alleged that her previous tax attorney, Walter Mosley, supposedly “burnt me so bad” with prior tax filings and business work. She testified:

“I’ve been looking for a very good accountant I can trust.”

That’s fine, but no bank accounts? No taxes? What?! Without any personal bank accounts to work off for the purposes of this civil trial, Rhodes explained how he’d come up to a dead end in Chyna’s situation:

“We have no ability to verify your income.”

Still, it’s clear there is some money coming in. (And by “some,” we apparently mean “a lot.”) Chyna explained her OnlyFans work on the stand, saying she makes money via the platform by selling pics to subscribers. When Rhodes asked about the content, Chyna said:

“I sell bikini pics, pics of my feet, me eating, and my nails.”

When pressed, she added that she does sell more adult content, too. And when Rhodes queried her about whether she’d made more than $1 million from the site, Chyna had a one-word answer:


Rhodes wasn’t playing around, either. When Chyna arrived in court on Thursday carrying an Hermes bag on her arm, the lawyer questioned her about its cost on the stand, asking:

“Did you come to court with a $100,000 purse?”

Chyna balked at that price estimate, and claimed it cost more like $40,000. Unmoved, Rhodes asked about the luxury cars she’d recently sold, and offered:

“You’re doing pretty well?”

Rob’s ex responded:

“I could be doing better.”


BTW, Rob remains a non-factor in this civil trial — at least up until this point. According to TMZ, he’s been laying low at home with daughter Dream Kardashian for the last few weeks, “trying to keep everything as routine for her as possible.”

The outlet notes that the Arthur George founder “has no problem appearing in court if he’s called as a witness,” but since he hasn’t been yet, he’s focused on the 5-year-old girl he shares with Chyna.

Definitely best to keep Dream on her schedule and away from all this drama!

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