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No Wonder Blac Chyna Is PISSED! She Was Set To Make SO Much Per Episode Before E! Reality Show Got The Axe!

No Wonder Blac Chyna Is PISSED! She Was Making So Much Per Episode Before The Show Was Canceled

Blac Chyna’s lawsuit makes a whole lot more sense now!

The social media star has poured her energy back into suing many of the Kardashians for allegedly getting her and her ex-fiancé Rob Kardashian’s reality show Rob & Chyna canceled after just one season. She’s suing them for $300 million in damages — which seems incredibly steep until you learn her reasoning!

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According to new court documents obtained by Radar Online on Tuesday, the model was supposed to be earning a staggering $92,500 per episode during the second season of her E! series, which the network had allegedly already signed off on before Kim Kardashian, Kris Jenner, Khloé Kardashian, and Kylie Jenner supposedly persuaded the company to cancel the series. The cancelation came shortly after Rob shared NSFW photos of Chyna without her consent on social media in 2017.

According to the latest filing, Rob & Chyna‘s second season was set to include 8 episodes, meaning the reality star lost out on a LOT of money! Late last week, the KarJenner’s asked the court to block Chyna from testifying on the details of her contract, but her attorney, Lynne Ciani, is now fighting back, detailing in a motion:

“[Chyna] is fully competent to testify about the terms of the contract, i.e. her Talent Agreement with NBCUniversal, of which she is personally aware, including the episodic rate of $92,500, that after Season 2 was approved by NBCUniversal she was guaranteed payment for eight episodes, and that she never signed or authorized an amendment to her Talent Agreement.”

And just so people don’t think she’s getting greedy, Chyna also broke down why she believes she is owed $300 million from the famous family, including $100 million in economic damages. Dream Kardashian’s mother claims she is owed $44 million in past economic damages, including $7.4 million for two seasons of the series per year, $5 million in lost income from club appearances, and $31 million in lost social media income.

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She also argues that she is owed $64 million in future economic damages – $11 million in lost TV appearances, $7 million from club appearances, and $46 million in social media posts. Yeesh.

The trial is set to take place on Friday, but, as to be expected, the KarJenner clan is fighting back hard. They have already requested that the OnlyFans star be barred from discussing their finances, something they think will impact the jury’s decision-making. According to the outlet, they wrote in a court filing submitted last week:

“[Chyna’s] sole purpose in referencing Defendants’ wealth and financial condition is to inflame and unduly prejudice the jury against Defendants.”

They have also vehemently denied all claims against them and insisted that the 33-year-old is making plenty of money, specifically through her OnlyFans account. Thoughts?

[Image via The Real Daytime/Entertainment Tonight/YouTube]

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