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Blac Chyna Allegedly Threatened To KILL Kylie Jenner?! NEW Court Details!

Blac Chyna Allegedly Threatened To KILL Kylie Jenner?!

Blac Chyna allegedly threatened to kill Kylie Jenner — so says Kris Jenner, after recalling prior deposition testimony during her time on the stand on Thursday.

The world-famous momager stepped up to the witness box in the ongoing civil trial between Chyna and her family earlier on Thursday, and during Kris’ time under oath, she opened up about the tense situation between son Rob Kardashian, the rest of her family, and Dream Kardashian‘s momma.

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The 66-year-old was questioned by Lynne Ciani, Chyna’s lawyer, and according to TMZ, the momager was almost immediately asked about the apparent violent threat. Ciani posed the question as to whether Chyna had ever threatened to kill the Kylie Cosmetics mogul, and Kris initially said she did not recall much.

However, Ciani pointed to previous deposition testimony Kris had given, refreshing the famous momager’s mind. In that prior deposition interview, Kris had testified that both her daughter and the 24-year-old’s ex-boyfriend, Tyga, had relayed claims that Chyna allegedly intended to use violence against Kylie. Refreshed by the look back at the depo, Kris confirmed that she did, indeed, make that allegation and said Ciani should ask Kylie and Tyga about it, since they were the ones with first-hand knowledge of what happened.

Still, Kris did admit to the dramatics surrounding the supposed threat, saying on the stand:

“There was a lot of drama, which I’m used to in my family.”

Yeah, no kidding.

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She also testified in court that she assumed Chyna’s threat was not a legitimate one — that is, Kris didn’t truly believe Chyna would act on the allegedly violent words.

Kris said she never considered calling the police, and added:

“We just kept it internal within the family because we really wanted to take care of it ourselves.”

Almost unbelievably, Kris optimistically continued on with her sworn testimony that she apparently remained hopeful about Rob and Chyna even after the supposed threat.

Recalling how she had been hopeful at one point that the pair could work things out and stay together, Kris testified:

“I felt like their relationship had gone to another level. If that’s who made Rob happy, then I was happy. … I believe in second chances and I wanted them to win. I just wanted them to be happy.”


That’s definitely looking at things in the best light. Maybe too good of a light.

But what do U make of all this threat talk, Perezcious readers??

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