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Brad Pitt 'Confident He Can Rekindle' Relationship With Daughter Shiloh

Brad Pitt 'Confident He Can Rekindle' Relationship With Daughter Shiloh

Brad Pitt is ready to repair his relationship with his kids… Or at least with one of them. One out of six ain’t bad, right?

The Once Upon a Time in Hollywood star’s daughter Shiloh, whom he shares with ex Angelina Jolie, turned 18 earlier this week. And according to one source close to Brad, he thinks that means it’s open season to “rekindle” their connection since she’s now legally an adult. The insider told on Thursday:

“Now that Shiloh is 18, she can make up her own mind as far as how she wants her relationship with her father to develop.”

The implication being Angie has been the reason behind their daddy-daughter schism.

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The source pushed an argument we’ve heard before, saying since the split in 2016, Angie has made it her mission to keep the kids away from Brad. The insider says she tried to make sure the children have “limited involvement” with their dad — but points out she can no longer control Shiloh:

“It is still that way with the underage ones, but with Shiloh that is no longer Angie’s choice. If Shiloh chooses to have limited contact with her dad, that is her decision.”

Last month, a former bodyguard of Angelina’s alleged she pushed her kids to “avoid” Brad… But even if that’s truly that case, and even if the up-and-coming dancer decides she wants to continue down that road, the Troy actor will still “love her unconditionally.” The source added:

“The difference between now and [a few] days ago [before her birthday] is that Shiloh makes the choice.”

And so can Brad. The insider noted that he can now contact the 18-year-old without ramifications from the Wanted star:

“Everyone is confident that they will, in time, rekindle the bond that was broken by the divorce. Keeping Shiloh from Brad is no longer an option for Angelina.”

A second source told the outlet Brad would “never stand down” from his fatherly duties, and that he’ll “always” be there for his kids:

“That is just the maturity he has within himself and the guy Brad is and always has been.”

The source seems optimistic Brad will eventually win over the kids, despite all evidence to the contrary:

“As the kids get older and are able to make more decisions for themselves, if it is Shiloh or anyone else, if those decisions pose a positive or negative outlook on the father he wants to be, he understands that they are adults and can decide what they want to do … Angie can make them think differently but the truth is, Brad always wants them to know that he has their back.”

In addition to Shiloh, the former spouses share Maddox, 22, Pax, 20, Zahara, 19, and twins Vivienne and Knox, 15. We already know how Pax feels, and Vivienne seems to be heading in the same direction considering she dropped her dad’s last name! And she’s actually not the only one!

According to an Instagram account tagged by her dance coach, Shiloh just goes by “Shi Jolie.” So we don’t know how well Brad’s chances with her fare… But still, the source added that the truth “always seems to find a way to find itself to the forefront,” and that he “never wants to [have] regret, so when he is 70, 80, or 90, he would always love to see his kids and have a relationship with them.”

The insider concluded:

“He would love Shiloh to start making her own decisions and him to be in the mix for her future, so he just has to see what happens and hope for the best.”

It’s inneresting that despite having three other kids who are also legally adults, he only thinks he has a chance of mending things with Shiloh… Not a good proportion, huh?

Thoughts, Perezcious readers? Let us know down in the comments.

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