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Britney Spears' Fans WORRIED After Latest Naked Pics Appear To Reveal 'Bruises' -- Look!

‘Bruises?' Britney Spears Fans’ WORRIED AF Over Latest Naked Pics – See Why!

Oh, no! Did Britney Spears accidentally just reveal something concerning?

On Thursday, the pop star took to Instagram to share a series of sexy pictures of herself holding her new puppy Sawyer while completely in the nude. A pretty normal thing for her to do these days! But now some people think she might be revealing some problems. What??

As Perezcious readers know, ever since getting out of her 13-year conservatorship in November, she’s been embracing her newfound freedom. Most significantly, that’s meant taking the next steps with her longtime boyfriend Sam Asghari! Not only are the two engaged to be married but they are also welcoming their first kiddo together! (The singer is, of course, already mom to two sons she shares with ex Kevin Federline.) But these shocking fan theories — all speculation, we should stress — are now pointing fingers at Britney’s close circle as they fear something wrong might be going on!

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In the photos in question, the Baby One More Time vocalist posed in a bedroom while holding her new puppy. She covered her naked booty with a diamond emoji and the dog perfectly covered her front side (so no baby bump viewing just yet). Despite most of her body being shielding from the camera,  eagle-eyes supporters still think they’ve discovered something amiss!

Nothing about the post’s caption seemed to have fans worried. The 40-year-old simply mused:

“Sawyer!!! If you love someone, set them free. If you hate someone, set them free. Basically set everyone free and get a dog. People are stupid.”

Before we get into the speculation, ch-ch-check out the pics and see if you can spot the concerning stuff for yourself:

Seems like a few fairly normal pics… until you zoom in, according to fans.

When the carousel of snapshots first hit the app, a few viewers were just upset with Brit posting another NSFW pic, but what really got heads spinning was the possible “bruises” on the star’s lower back and arm, which you can most clearly see near her tattoo. One person speculated:

“Bruises all over her lower back and her arm wtf is going on in her home ???”

In the first hour of the comment going live, it earned 1,700 likes, so people are clearly thinking the same thing!! But is there any truth to this theory? The Britney Army hashed it out in the comments, with others saying:

“Does anyone notice the bruise on her lower back? Maybe it’s just color distortion of the photo”

“Are we sure Britney is ok?”

“she’s clearly not ok and I wish people would really care for her and stop fueling her with ideas that she is and encourage her to get real help. I don’t think the people around her are helping her at all.”

“I think she’s very clearly not ok and she hasn’t been ok for a very long time. But I think she’s healing and we’re seeing that process. I don’t think of any of us have ever seen the ‘real’ Britney before because she’s been so controlled her entire life. This is the real Britney.”

“no and the more she posts the more I see how bad she needs the correct help. She had toxic people involved in her finances and life; now can we get good people to get her the help she needs before it’s too late??”

“why are people crediting this behaviour with the fact that she’s now ‘free’??? When I look at these photos I see someone in crisis!”

And there were a lot more comments like that… Interestingly, not everyone was up in arms. Others fought back at the controversy, arguing that the darker spots were likely just dirt or mud, elaborating:

“this is a genuine question, how is she ‘clearly not ok’ here? This is literally just a selfie, she didn’t write anything concerning or anything.”

“doesn’t matter, mentally different people deserve freedom, and deserve to live or post what they want, she’s not hurting anyone.”

That’s a fair point! Plenty of other celebs post a thirst trap from time to time and you don’t see them getting called out for it.

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Seeing the songwriter be so carefree and open now is a joy for those deciding to ignore the negativity. They simply decided to pump the performer up, adding:


“love when you’re smiling!”


The Princess of Pop has yet to address the controversy, but she did share a new poem (or potential song lyrics) with fans just hours later — and people are loving it a lot more than the naked pics! Along with the poem (below), the Crossroads alum mused:

“ wrote this last night … Didn’t know what it really meant … just scratch writing then I read it … and it sounded kind of GOOD !!! Psss so happy to share !!!”

Hmm. Seems like she’s really just living her best life and recovering from all the trauma she went through during her conservatorship. But do YOU think something more serious could be happening behind closed doors?! Let us know in the comments (below).

[Image via Britney Spears/Instagram]

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