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Framing Britney Spears Director Responds To Britney Calling The Documentary 'Humiliating’

Framing Britney Spears Director Reacts To Britney Calling The Documentary 'Humiliating’

The director of Framing Britney Spears has nothing but empathy for Britney Spearsconservatorship battle — despite the singer’s previous criticism about how her life was portrayed on screen.

As you may remember, the Emmy-nominated documentary from The New York Times pushed the #FreeBritney movement to the forefront of conversations on social media when it premiered back in February. The 39-year-old pop sensation even took to Instagram to express how she was “embarrassed” by the film, saying it made her cry for two weeks after watching it. Following her explosive court testimony in July, she reiterated similar sentiments on the ‘gram about how she “didn’t like the way the documentaries bring up humiliating moments from the past.”

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Now, the creator of the doc has some thoughts about the performer’s statements. During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter on Thursday, Samantha Stark claimed she completely understood the reaction Britney had to the film and explained the reasoning behind the decision to include her trauma in it. She recalled:

“While we were making the film, we talked a lot about re-traumatizing Britney and her family by showing these moments. Part of the reason it’s called Framing Britney Spears is there are these still-photo frames that were humiliating to her. We thought it was really important to pull outside the frame because so many people had all these assumptions based on one frame. In the end, we felt like we had to put some of them in because we wanted people to have more context. We always tried to have her talk back to [the paparazzi] if we could.”

Honestly, it kind of makes sense, but it still doesn’t negate how Brit felt about having certain parts of her life being brought up again. The filmmaker even agreed that the artist had every right to feel upset over the public viewing some of these “humiliating” moments, which ultimately led to her current conservatorship struggles:

“She 100 percent deserves to be mad that we’re still looking at those photos, because it’s ridiculous that we’re still looking at them, and they shouldn’t have been there in the first place. As much as I want to explain myself to her, I totally understand where she’s coming from.”

Stark also mentioned how it was “easy for people to make fun of Britney,” and how her team made sure they never crossed that line in the documentary, saying:

“At our first meeting together, we agreed we would never make fun of Britney Spears, and we all took that to heart. It’s been incredible that it feels like now the world is also taking that to heart.”

The entire situation certainly has taken over as of late. And there is no denying that people across the world are anxiously awaiting for the pop star to win back her freedom — especially after officially (and finally) filing to remove her father as the conservator of her estate.

Thoughts on what the film director had to say about Framing Britney? Let us know in the comments (below)!

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