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OMG Bryan Kohberger's Alibi Details Made Public -- And It Is TERRIBLE!

Idaho Murder Investigation Bryan Kohberger Evidence Affidavit

We learned back in August that Bryan Kohberger would be using an “alibi” defense to sow doubt in jurors’ minds about the notorious University of Idaho killings. Even at that time, what we learned about his so-called alibi sounded laughable.

If you’ll recall, he reportedly was just going to say he was driving around aimlessly that night. Yeah, that ain’t an alibi, baby. We aren’t lawyers, but we’ve watched enough Law & Order to know the first question suspects are asked about their alibi is if they have some way to verify it. You know, like other people they were with, footage of them somewhere else at the time of the murders, that kind of thing. “I was driving around” ain’t gonna do it!

Well, the suspect in the murders of four students — Kaylee Goncalves, 21, Madison Mogen, 21, Xana Kernodle, 20, and Ethan Chapin, 20 — finally filed his official alibi documents in court Wednesday, and it actually gets worse…

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Now the accused killer is saying he wasn’t just driving around for fun, he was out late that night to look at “the moon and stars.” The filing reads:

“Mr. Kohberger was out driving in the early morning hours of November 13, 2022; as he often did to hike and run and/or see the moon and stars. He drove throughout the area south of Pullman, Washington, west of Moscow, Idaho including Wawawai Park.”

Yep he was stargazing. That’s their plan. Oof. OK, here’s why that’s potentially an even worse alibi… With a person giving you an alibi, your legal team can find out exactly what they’ll testify beforehand, right? But now he’s pinned himself to the night sky! That means the prosecution will have experts like astronomy professors and meteorologists talking about what he would have been able to see. For instance, does it make sense for him to have driven into another state through a residential area for stargazing? Don’t be surprised if an expert explains why there are lots of better spots to go stargazing that don’t go through Moscow. Also, if it turns out there was cloud cover that night, and the stars weren’t visible? He’s going to be SUNK!

But clearly the defense believes in this basket enough to put all their eggs in it. They’re saying they can prove he’s been stargazing with pics from his cell phone:

“The phone data includes numerous photographs taken on several different late evenings and early mornings, including in November, depicting the night sky.”

We’re not sure that proves his innocence — but something else from his phone might? The defense also argues in the filing that Kohberger’s cell phone can be proven to be elsewhere at the time of the murders. Our understanding was his cell was turned off all that time, but cameras captured his car.

But the defense says his cell phone location will show he was west of Moscow that night “and thus could not be the vehicle captured on video along the Moscow-Pullman highway near Floyd’s Cannabis shop.” They also say the prosecution already has this “exculpatory” evidence available but has failed to disclose it. Hmm…

Investigators previously said Kohberger’s phone was pinged on the same cell tower that provides coverage for the area of the killings. It was after, but it puts him in the area. Can the defense really use cell data to prove he wasn’t in the area at the very specific time of the killings?

Of note? Prosecutors have also claimed the suspect’s phone was traced in the area 12 previous times as well! Along with the reports he had pics on his phone, this all has really strengthened the case the criminology student was stalking one or more of the girls who lived in that house. If the defense thinks they can prove he was actually just passing by all those times for late night hikes and stargazing? We just don’t see it working.

How about you, Perezcious paralegals?? You can read the docs for yourself (below)!

Bryan Kohberger alibi document Bryan Kohberger alibi document

[Image via Latah County Sheriff’s Office/Xana Kernodle/Kaylee Goncalves/Instagram.]

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