Alec Baldwin Shredded After Claiming Black People ‘Love’ Him For His Trump Impression

Sounds Like Trump...

Twitter Shreds Alec Baldwin For Claiming Black People ‘Love’ Him

Maybe Alec Baldwin should cool it with his Donald Trump impression, because he’s starting to sound like the guy — and not in a funny way.

The actor has come under fire for an interview with The Hollywood Reporter in which he claims that black people “love” him due to the Trump spoofs he does on Saturday Night Live.

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Interviewer Lacey Rose described an interaction Baldwin had with a fan named Tyrone, who approached the 60-year-old actor on the streets of New York City to praise his Trump portrayal, recalling:  (more…)

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Hilaria Baldwin Shares Shocking Next Step In Her Post-Baby Fitness Journey


Hilaria Baldwin Shares Shocking Next Step In Her Post-Baby Fitness Journey

Remember back in May when Hilaria Baldwin made our jaws drop with her post-pregnancy body transformation just 12 days after giving birth?

Well, Alec Baldwin‘s bride was far from finished with her fitness journey.

Video: Hilaria’s Must-Do Exercise For Sex

Now, four and a half months later, the yoga instructor instructor has added yet another shot to the before-and-after — and it’s even MORE incredible!

See the progress and read the momma-of-4’s inspiring commentary (below):

[Image via Hilaria Baldwin/Instagram.]

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Hailey Baldwin Reveals Her ‘Biggest OMG Moment Of The Year’ & It Has To Do With Justin Bieber!

No S**t!

Hailey Baldwin Reveals Her 'Biggest OMG Moment Of The Year'

Thanks, Captain Obvious…

In an interview with Coveteur posted on Wednesday, Hailey Baldwin was asked, “What is the most adventurous thing you’ve done lately?”

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The model responded:

“My entire summer has been quite adventurous in life in general. I’ve been traveling all over. For me, being adventurous is flying by the seat of my pants, which isn’t something I’m normally comfortable with, but I’ve been doing it for the last few months. Just traveling, and it’s so fun to be able to pick up and do things.”

The 21-year-old then added:

“Well, I got engaged! I think that’s probably the biggest OMG moment of the year for me, of my life. So that’s probably top.”

Despite what uncle Alec Baldwin said, sources say Hailey and Justin Bieber did not get married.

[Image via Apega/WENN.]

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Sorry, Alec! Insiders Share Hailey Baldwin & Justin Bieber Have NOT Gotten Married!

No Wedding Bells Yet!

Sources Share That Jailey Has NOT Tied The Knot!

Be quiet Uncle Alec!

Despite Alec Baldwin spilling the beans Monday night, multiple insiders close to Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber shared with TMZ that the duo did not get married!

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As we previously reported, the actor told Access Hollywood on the Emmys red carpet:

“They went off and got married, and I don’t know what the deal is!”

It totally seemed like Alec spilled the tea about his niece’s nuptials, but apparently this isn’t the case.

But if you did need Jailey updates, the two were spotted packing on the PDA in London, so they’re clearly not letting the rumors mess with them!

[Image via Will Alexander/WENN.]

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Alec Baldwin Confirms Niece Hailey Baldwin & Justin Bieber ‘Went Off And Got Married’!


Alec Baldwin Says Niece Hailey Baldwin & Justin Bieber ‘Went Off And Got Married’!

Uncle Alec Baldwin confirms!

Despite her denial, multiple sources say Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin got legally married at a courthouse last Thursday.

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On Monday, at the 2018 Emmys red carpet, the 30 Rock alum spoke to Access where he says the two did, in fact, tie the knot!

The actor told the publication:

“They went off and got married, and I don’t know what the deal is!”

Alec and his wife Hilaria Baldwin text the model “every now and then,” and have met the Sorry singer “one time.”

Despite being an uncle, the 60-year-old doesn’t feel the need to monitor his niece’s relationship.

“That’s not my job… She has a dad [Stephen Baldwin], and I’m sure he has a few paragraphs about that himself, so I’m not worried.”

According to a People report on Monday, Justin and Hailey “didn’t want anyone but their families to know they got married. This wasn’t a wedding.”


“They are still planning the wedding and are excited to have a celebration. They are still deciding on a wedding location.”

Thanks for the tea, Alec!

[Image via Justin Bieber/Instagram/Ivan Nikolov/WENN.]

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Alec Baldwin Gives Justin Bieber & Niece Hailey Baldwin Some Much-Needed Marriage Advice!

Alec Baldwin On Marriage

Star Gives Advice To Niece Hailey Baldwin & Justin Bieber!

Hailey Baldwin is hopefully listening to her uncle all about this right now!

The 21-year-old model is in the middle of a whirlwind engagement to now-fiance Justin Bieber, 24, but considering the pair is SO young and in love… a little adult guidance from Alec Baldwin probably wouldn’t hurt!

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The veteran actor was at the Toronto International Film Festival on Sunday for the premiere of The Public, when he was asked about Hailey and Justin — and he had some sage advice about spending time with family and really putting in the work to get to know your partner, even when young!

The 60-year-old Baldwin said to etalk (below):

“People who get married young — and they are very young — I want them to just spend time with each other. Obviously, him, in particular, has this crazy superstar career. I’m quite a bit older than both of them, but I got married recently, a few years ago. And my wife [Hilaria Baldwin] and I had four kids in four-and-a-half years. We have a lot of little kids.”


Can’t even imagine how crazy it is sometimes at the Baldwin house with four little ones running around!!

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Alec continued, too, getting real about the pressures of showbiz and how important it is to carve out quality time together if the pair is to maintain their relationship (below):

“The thing is, all the work I do now is based on my family. There’s movies I got offered where they say, ‘Come leave town for five weeks. And no, we can’t travel your family with you. We don’t have that in the budget.’ And I pass because I don’t want to be away from my family. And I hope they realize that. If you want to have a successful marriage, you have to be together. You gotta stay together.”

Great advice!!

Thoughts, Perezcious readers?! With so much advice like this from their elders flying around, think Justin and Hailey will make it??

Let us know your take on it in the comments (below)!!!

[Image via Joe Alvarez/JCR/WENN.]

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Ireland Baldwin Reflects On Her Eating Disorder Days After Posting ‘Anorexia Throwback’ Pics

Love Yourself!

Ireland Baldwin Reflects On Her Eating Disorder After Posting ‘Anorexia Throwback’

Ireland Baldwin is no longer spending her days agonizing over food.

The 22-year-old revealed on Thursday that she used to battle anorexia in a series of pictures shared via Instagram Stories. One of the pics, which show a rail-thin version of the model, was captioned “anorexia throwback.”

Alec Baldwin’s daughter then explained how she used to eat “a bite” of food then “run to the nearest bathroom or find digestive pills or run until I couldn’t feel my legs right before bed.” She noted that these unhealthy habits were triggered by reading negative social media comments.

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Now that she’s found self-acceptance, the celebuspawn learned that the pain and destruction she inflicted on herself — not to mention, “turning down so. Many. Sides. Of fries.” — wasn’t worth it!

Ireland capped off her note with a message to her followers, imploring:

“Love yourself! You are beautiful! Enjoy your food.”

Thanks! We will!

See Ireland’s throwback pics (below).

Ireland Baldwin skinny bikini anorexic

[Image via Ireland Baldwin/Instagram]

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Alec Baldwin Hilariously Comments On Daughter’s Sexy Instagram Photo!


Alec Baldwin Crashes Ireland's Sexy Instagram Photo Comments!

Ever wondered what it was like to be the father of a model?

Not easy apparently!

At least that’s the impression Alec Baldwin gave with his hilarious comment on his daughter’s Instagram feed.

Photos: Ireland Has Gotten More Revealing Than This

Ireland Baldwin posted a pic of herself wearing a bikini on a motorcycle, writing:

stay extra 📸: @phatmango

A post shared by Ireland Basinger-Baldwin (@irelandbasingerbaldwin) on

To which Alec gave the dadliest response of all time:

Alec Baldwin comment

After all the hilarious hubbub, another follower went looking for the original comment:

Ireland Baldwin IG feed comments

To which Ireland quipped:

Ireland Baldwin Instagram feed comments

Ha! Guess this isn’t the first time Poppa has had something to say!

What would YOUR dad say if you posed like this??

[Image via NBC/WENN/Instagram.]

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Hilaria Baldwin Demonstrates ‘Life Changing’ Exercise For ‘Better Sex’ — In Her Underwear! WATCH!

Hilaria Baldwin Demonstrates ‘Life Changing’ Exercise For ‘Better Sex’ — In Her Underwear! WATCH!

no title

Hilaria Baldwin is here to teach you a thing or two!

On Thursday, Alec Baldwin‘s wife shared a video on Instagram demonstrating an exercise that not only works your pelvic floor and lower abs, but it could also help you have “better sex.”

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In the clip, the 34-year-old lies on the ground with her legs in the air while wearing a T-shirt and underpants. As seen here: (more…)

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Ireland Baldwin Congratulates Cousin Hailey On Her Engagement To Justin Bieber: ‘There’s Gunna Be One Less Lonely Girl’!

Ireland Baldwin Congratulates Cousin Hailey On Her Engagement To Justin Bieber: ‘There’s Gunna Be One Less Lonely Girl’!

no title

More Baldwin approval for Justin Bieber!

Ireland Baldwin took to Instagram on Tuesday to congratulate the singer and Hailey Baldwin, her cousin, on their recent engagement — and used Biebs’ lyrics to do so!

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Posting a photo of a young Hailey wearing a bathing suit in the bathtub, Alec Baldwin‘s daughter shared: (more…)

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