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Cee Lo Causes Controversy By Changing Lyrics To John Lennon's Imagine!

Probably should have left the song as is, Cee Lo!
While performing John Lennon’s classic song Imagine during New Year’s Eve with Carson Daly, Cee Lo Green changed up some lyrics and PISSED OFF lots of fans!
Here are John’s original words:

“…Nothing to kill or die for, And no religion too”

And here’s what Cee Lo sang instead:

“…Nothing to kill or die for, And all religion’s true”

Fans have been seriously hating on Cee Lo for the lyric change, and here’s what he had to say about it on Twitter:

“Yo I meant no disrespect by changing the lyric guys! I was trying to say a world were u could believe what u wanted that’s all”

Check out Cee Lo’s performance at the 4:00 mark (above), and let us know what U think!
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Jan 02, 2012 19:10pm PDT