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Chad Johnson Doesn’t Want Any More Nude Pics From Guys! See His NSFW Tweets & Pics HERE!

chad johnson doesnt want anymore naked man pics sent to him
This ish CRAY!
Chad Johnson got busy on Twitter Friday, like he does many days, but this time things got SCANDY!
The former NFLer was apparently getting some nekkid material from his male fans, and he wanted it to stop!
So, what better way to put those peeps on blast than by sharing their nude pics with the Twitterverse?!
The whole VERY NSFW fiasco played out like this:

WOAH! First of all, if you like to send nudes, we’ll be happy to take them!
Second of all, we don’t even know what to say! Ha!
At least Chad is in total support of whatever sexual orientation you are!
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Jan 28, 2014 09:27am PDT