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Q&A: Dry Lips

chloe-butcher-qa-dry-lips.jpg reader Anna writes:

Hi Chloë,
I have very dry lips. I can use vaseline for lip balm for a while, but most lipsticks these days are full of oils, like shea butter and vitamin E. If I must, I can make some lip colors by mixing Vaseline with pigment, but I’d rather not. Any recommendations?
Best, Anna

Chlo├â┬½ Butcher‘s advice:

Hi Anna,
I love anything with Lanolin but that is again made with oil. However it is a brilliant moisturiser and lip conditioner. If you would like something natural but with a bit of colour you could try Proto-Col lipgloss which is a clever gadget in itself as it has a powerful LED light and mirror attached so easy to apply wherever you may be!

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Dec 20, 2011 19:30pm PDT

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