Chris Hemsworth Says He Chose Having Kids Over Hollywood

Chris Hemsworth may be a ripped, sexy, charming movie star with bulging biceps and disarming blue eyes…

Lost our train of thought there…

Oh right, but he’s a FATHER FIRST. But did that fact cost him in Hollywood?

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In his cover story for GQ Australia, the Avengers: Infinity War star does have those kinds of Sliding Doors “what if” questions about his life with wife Elsa Pataky and their three beautiful children:

“I do wonder sometimes, if we hadn’t met, what my career would look like. Have I made decisions based on that? How has that influenced me?”

He even makes the surprising admission that the decision to spend time with his children, being a proper dad, has come at a price:

“There’s times when I’ve thought, ‘Wow, because having kids is more important to me, some of my roles have suffered.’ There’s definitely a couple of films I could’ve put way more energy into but I was like, ‘No, I’d rather be with my kids.'”

There’s MORE thunder from Down Under still in the tank?? DAYUM!

But he wants to make it clear he knows he’s made the right call:

“I don’t regret that but I’m aware. You can’t completely dismiss what that pursuit does for you either. I often find myself saying it’s all for my family but in all this I definitely have personal things I need to achieve, too. The difference is you have to open yourself up and go, ‘Well, you had kids so you forfeited a bit of that’. It can’t be a truly individual, selfish endeavour but we still need to take care of our own. Now my identity is another team, another community — the community being the family. You have to adapt and be malleable.”

Family has always been important to the Hemsworths.

In fact, Chris says it was his upbringing that led him to treat women the way he does. Which is very, very good.

“I was fortunate to have a cohesive unity and wonderful role models, who had mutual respect for one another. I have a clear memory of my dad at a young age. If I’d go, ‘Stop being such a girl,’ he’d be like, ‘What’s wrong with girls? Your mum’s a girl? What is it, Chris?’ He was right. I remember that and always really admired it. It was a pressure that I felt I wanted to live up to; I wanted to be someone who stood up for injustice.”


He had us at biceps, but woof.

Speaking of which, see Chris’ cover and spread (below):

[Image via Chris Hemsworth/Instagram.]

Oct 4, 2018 6:00am PDT