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Chris Hemsworth Admits He Was Jealous Of Brother Liam When They Competed For THIS Famous Role!

Chris Hemsowrth Admits He Was Jealous Of Brother Liam When They Competed Over THIS Famous Role!

Chris Hemsworth and his little brother Liam took their sibling rivalry all the way to Hollywood!

During a hilariously revealing lie detector interview with Vanity Fair on Tuesday, the Marvel hero talked about how his younger brother nearly stole his most famous role to date: Thor! Yes, really!

The interviewer asked if it was true that Liam ALSO auditioned for the iconic role in the memorable film universe, and Chris responded:

“Yes, he did. Yup.”

Whoa! Talk about some direct competition! As for if he was worried whether Liam would land the role over him, the 40-year-old revealed that his little bro didn’t come in for an audition until AFTER Marvel Studios initially passed on Chris as a candidate:

“No, because I was told that I didn’t have the part at that point. So, I was excited for him.”

Awww! That’s pretty sweet, actually. But still, it’s wild to picture a world without Chris as Thor!

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As we know, he eventually did land the role in th long run. But in that window of time after he was passed on, and Liam came in to audition, Chris admitted that he felt a little green:

“[I was] a little jealous, maybe, but I was excited for him.”


He continued:

“Then, when I was allowed to re-audition, it was when he was out of the picture. So, we never were neck and neck. It was either I was involved and he wasn’t, then he was involved and I wasn’t, then I was involved.”

What a rivalry!

While Liam may have missed out on playing the Norse god, the interviewer asked Chris if there are any of his brother’s roles that he wishes HE had. After taking a moment to think, he responded, “No.” The interviewer then asked, “Not even The Last Song?’ which Liam famously starred alongside Miley Cyrus in. Chris responded with a chuckle:

The Last Song? No. The world would have been — his life would have been very different, wouldn’t it?”

Of course, Liam and Miley met on the set of the 2009 film and began their romance shortly after. But hilariously, Chris’ denial read as “inconclusive” on the lie detector! HA!! So the rivalry continues! Watch the full video (below):

Reactions?? Can YOU picture Liam as Thor? Let us know down in the comments!

[Images via Vanity Fair/YouTube/MEGA/WENN]

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