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Chrissy Teigen Tried To Get Her Nose Pierced & It Immediately Went Wrong!

chrissy teigen's nose piercing immediately went wrong

For those of you who use vacation as an excuse to make impulsive decisions, let this be a warning!

Chrissy Teigen and her family have been enjoying vacation in St. Barts over the holiday break. Whether or not you agree with traveling during the ongoing coronavirus crisis, they’re clearly getting some well deserved fun in the sun after all the family has been through in the last couple months.

The Cravings author decided to increase the vacay vibes with a new accessory — a nose ring. Unfortunately, as the momma of two explained on Twitter, the piercing didn’t go exactly as planned.

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Accompanying a picture of the (short-lived) nose ring, she wrote:

“So I did this today and it immediately fell out and healed the second she left because she did it wrong lmao”

“Like how do you do it wrong? It’s a hole, through the nose. It’s like Jerry Seinfeld‘s bobsledding joke. It’s impossible to do wrong”


Because it’s the internet, which particularly loves to comment on any and everything Mrs. John Legend gets up to, people had a lot to say about the nose ring misfire. (Including that most respectable piercers aren’t piercing anything under the mask during a pandemic, ahem. According to the CDC‘s COVID-19 guidelines for traveling to the island nation, you must “stay at least 6 feet/2 meters from anyone who is not traveling with you. It’s important to do this everywhere—both indoors and outdoors.”)

Chrissy shut down the chatter with a follow up:

“It’s out and healed you don’t have to keep being assholes thanks I’ll do it better next time for you I promise!! U sweet little angels never cease to surprise me”

Chrissy promised she’d be attempting the piercing again once she got home, so we should be seeing more of the fab new look very soon. We’ll just consider the first try a warm-up!

[Image via FayesVision/WENN & Chrissy Teigen/Twitter]

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