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Bye, Babadook! Gay Twitter Is Embracing A New Bad Bitch & Her Name Is Cuca!

Welcome the new Queen!
As quickly as Babadook came onto the scene, he’s been dethroned by a new gay icon… Cuca!!
Based on the Brazilian folklore of an alligator-faced character who lives in a dark cave and makes magic potions, Cuca was meant to scare children as she supposedly only sleeps a single night every seven years. The villain is said to go after kids who disobey their parents — except now she’s the face of Gay Twitter!
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This week, GIFs of the character on the popular children’s show O Sitio Do Picapau Amarelo have been popping up everywhere! We haven’t completely figured out why, but the Internet is embracing her.
It apparently started here:

And then everyone was loving on Queen Cuca!!

What are your thoughts on Cuca??
Also, do U think it’s cultural appropriation??

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Jun 16, 2017 14:22pm PDT