Deaf Family Runs Over Comic-Con Attendees Dressed Up As Zombies — 0 Left Undead

walking dead zombie parade


Whenever large groups of people get together, there’s always a higher chance for something bad to happen.

And that was just the case at the 8th Annual Zombie Walk that took place in San Diego yesterday for Comic-Con.

When hundreds of fans dressed as zombies took up an entire road, and then proceeded to block traffic, one driver quickly lost his patience.

After honking his horn multiple times, the zombies started to get angry and banged on the black Honda Accord’s windshield.

Once a few seconds of this went by, the driver simply stepped off the brakes and drove through the crowd!

While no one was killed, a 64-year-old woman who wasn’t even part of the zombie-related festivities was taken to the hospital to treat a broken arm.

But what really takes this story to the next level is that the driver and his whole family is deaf.

He claims that his two young children were scared by the mob, and had no choice but to go forward.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first traffic-related incident that has struck Comic-Con before. Two years ago, a woman was killed trying to get in line for a Twilight event.

At first glance, the video might make it look like the driver is completely at fault, but the crowd didn’t really help the situation.

One man sits on the hood of the car and then punches the windshield out after the car starts moving, while another actually opens the passenger side door.

There have been no arrests as Police are not sure who to blame.

Our money is on Carl being at fault. It’s always Carl’s fault.

Ch-ch-check it out (below)!

Jul 28, 2014 5:15pm PDT