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Alyssa Milano Charges Fans HOW MUCH For Photos At '90s Cons?!

Alyssa Milano Charges Money Selfies 90s Con

Alyssa Milano is really milking those revenue streams lately! It’s not something we would typically ever take issue with. It’s tough to earn a living. Get that bag, by all means. But in her case, it always seems to be getting a little extra money from the fans… when supposedly she’s already LOADED…

OK so the most recent story is from the ’90s Con in Hartford, Connecticut last weekend. A source spilling to The US Sun said the Charmed alum “only accepted cash for selfies and autographs at her meet-and-greet booth.” A LOT of cash.

Per the witness, she was charging $80 just to take a selfie with her — that’s using your own phone. If you wanted her professional photographer to snap the two of you and give you a printed copy and digital file, that was $90. We have to be clear, that’s a picture without an autograph. Alyssa’s John Hancock would run you another $80. But hey, for you frugal fans out there, she had a deal if you bought the pic AND the autograph, only $140.

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Apparently the Who’s The Boss star was there all day Saturday, just taking pics and making bank. She didn’t do any panels that day, said the source — which kind of makes sense. I mean, it’s not like she’s going to be welcome on a Charmed panel, right? Besides, why leave when folks were willing to pay?? An attendee told the Sun:

“At any given time on Saturday, Alyssa had a very long line compared to the other stars.”

They said the crowd there for Alyssa was “so insane” you barely were even able to get a peek at her through the masses. Wow. The fan added she “was sweet and took the time to greet each fan, and even said that she would stay longer just to meet as many as she can.” Yeah, of course! Every additional fan was another hundy or so in the bank! She must have raked it in! Heck, the source even says the ATMs at the place ran out of cash at one point! Wow!

You can see some of the pics fans took in a reel Alyssa posted on Sunday:

So what’s the problem?

It just… does it seem to anyone else like an odd way to make money for someone with an estimated net worth of $10 million? And whose husband is also a multimillionaire talent agent? And she’s charging so much!

The story mostly has a bad taste to it as it comes in the wake of the actress asking fans to donate money to her son’s baseball team on GoFundMe. But hey, supply and demand, right? If everyone is willing to wait in a long line and pay her that much, why argue? As she wrote in the caption of her Instagram reel:

“The relationship between actor and ‘fan’ can be complicated. But I see you. And I thank you…for helping this girl from Brooklyn prove them all wrong and make a good life for my family.”

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