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Heartbreaking Moment Donald Sutherland Revealed He Thought He Was 'Ugly' His Whole Life Because His Mother Told Him

This is just awful! And a sobering reminder of what our words can do…

The world lost film legend Donald Sutherland on Thursday. The Hunger Games star passed away after a long illness at the age of 88.

Fans have spent the past 24 hours sharing some of their favorite moments from his amazing performances in M*A*S*H, Invasion of the Body SnatchersKelly’s Heroes, Don’t Look NowPride and Prejudice, and other classic films, even his guest role on The Simpsons. Everyone is celebrating his immense talent and intense sincerity.

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But another clip has resurfaced as well. In a 2017 interview, Sutherland told a story about his mother telling him in a moment of self-doubt that she didn’t think he was good-looking, that his face had “character.” And it made him believe for over six decades that he was an “ugly” man. It’s just devastating to see how much it hits him even all these years later… You can even see him relive it as he recalls the moment, telling Anderson Cooper:

“It’s not easy to know that you’re an ugly man in a business like I’m in.”


Such an awful truth, how much our loved ones’ words can pierce, and not just pierce but catch in our hearts like splinters and just sit there and hurt for years, no matter what else happens.

Donald Sutherland was not just a successful actor, a movie star, he was also a sex symbol. He was considered hot for many years, in his longhaired Oddball days, his professorial mustachioed era, and definitely his cunning, bearded silver fox years. Hell, the man dated Jane Fonda in the ’70s! This was a sexy motherf**ker!

And yet, all those years, he believed he was ugly because of what his mother said. Keep that in mind, everyone. Keep it in mind and treat your loved ones with just a little more care today.

You can see more of Donald’s interview (below):

[Image via Lionsgate/United Artists/Focus Features/Studiocanal/60 Minutes/YouTube.]

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