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Don't Believe The Hype!


We knew it! We knew it! We knew it!

The “excuses” for Britney‘s soul-crushing VMA performance are flying fast and furiously.

Blame everyone but the fuck-up, right?

One of the most falsely reported accusations is that Britney overheard that comedian Sarah Silverman was going to make fun of her two kids – calling them “beautiful mistakes” – which apparently enraged her.

Spin! Spin! Spin! Bullshit!

Not true, Silverman’s rep, Lewis Kay, tells

“Sarah did nothing but react to Britney’s actions in a comical way, which is what she was asked to do,” Silverman’s publicist tells us.

Additionally, production sources confirm to that no one knew Sarah’s material before she performed it. “There was no MTV script approval,” says a show insider. “The only person who knew what Sarah was going to say was Sarah. When she rehearse she even said, ‘Joke. Joke. Joke. 50 Cent. Britney Spears. Etc.’ And she only mentioned the names of the people that she was going to talk about. No one ever heard her material before it aired.”

There is no way possible Britney or anyone in her camp ever knew what Sarah was going to talk about, sources tell us. It’s an outright fabrication!

Also, as has been widely and falsely reported, no one from Britney’s camp confronted Siverman after her fucking funny segment.

MTV is the one that put Silverman on after Britney. They knew what they were doing!!!

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Sep 10, 2007 16:22pm PDT