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The Best Twitter Reactions To DRAMA-Filled Don't Worry Darling Premiere Weekend!

THE BEST Twitter Reactions To Disastrous Don't Worry Darling Premiere Weekend!

Fans online can’t seem to stop marveling at all the drama surrounding Don’t Worry Darling!!

Of course, we’ve been reporting endlessly on the rumored feud between Olivia Wilde and Florence Pugh that grew out of the movie’s allegedly tense and ill-fated production. Shia LaBeouf has been involved, too, following his dismissal from the film — and Olivia’s BF Harry Styles after his replacement of the Holes alum as well.

Things hit a fever pitch this past weekend as the film premiered at the Venice International Film Festival, though. And we are still giving spit takes about the crazy crap that’s cropped up over the past few days!!

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As we reported at the time, Olivia tried to walk back rumors of the rift by insisting during the film’s promo press conference that nothing was weird between her and the Black Widow star. Then, Florence showed up to the festival — too late to sit for the press junket! — and looked unbothered AF in an amazing purple outfit as fans pondered the deeper meaning behind it all. She of course then left early, skipping the traditional cast dinner — supposedly to get back to filming Dune: Part Two (though Timothée Chalamet had time to do his Venice press)!

Well, after a wild 24 hours in Venice, Twitter is ready to come forth with their takes on this whole s**t show!! And the responses really run the gamut!

One user referenced Pugh’s purple attire at the fest, and harkened back to this memorable fashion moment (below) in a reference to the actress’ last-minute arrival from filming the Dune sequel:


Others clearly loved the look from Miss Flo. And so it was only natural for some to give gurl props while recycling a very popular recent meme:

One user laughed about the two seemingly-unaffected stars of Don’t Worry Darling — Gemma Chan and Chris Pine — and their projected desire to get the f**k out of this sticky situation!

Others made cracks at the former One Direction member’s bizarre press conference answer in which he said:

“You know my favorite thing about the movie is like, it feels like a movie. It feels like a real, like, you know, go-to-the-theater-film movie. You know, the kind of the reason why go to watch something on the big screen.”

Complete with closeups of Chris Pine’s mind being boggled by it:


Poor Chris Pine, indeed… He clearly did NOT want to sit through that jaw-dropping commentary. It was all just word salad!!

Some folks couldn’t help but notice Shia and Olivia mostly got to slip out the back door while the headlines shifted to Spitgate…


Some of the best reactions to the fracas following this film around have been general takes on the endless dramz. As you can see (below), fans are angling for more info about what went down between Wilde, Pugh, and everybody else on set:

LOLz! Love it!

What do y’all think about all this delicious drama, Perezcious readers??

Sound OFF about everything down in the comments (below)…

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