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Florence Pugh AND Harry Styles Ditching Don't Worry Darling Premiere Dinner?! Will Olivia Wilde Be Left Alone?!

Florence Pugh Dont Worry Darling Premiere Snub Olivia Wilde Feud Harry Styles

We still not haven’t heard from the horse’s mouth what the true origin is of the feud between Olivia Wilde and Florence Pugh, but every other day it seems we’re getting more evidence of it!

This time it’s Florence ditching even more of the bare minimum of press she was still slated to do for their movie Don’t Worry Darling!

Last week, Warner Bros studio execs spilled to TheWrap that the Oscar winner would not be doing press for the film — no interviews, no TV appearances, no YouTube videos where she and Chris Pine talk about the differences between British and American snack food. They said one thing she would be doing was the film’s premiere at the Venice Film Festival (which is happening next week btw!).

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However, according to‘s Alison Boshoff, even that appearance is going to be as truncated as possible. The columnist’s sources tell her Florence is skipping out on the cast dinner and photoshoot. She’s doing premiere red carpet only.

That’s right! She’s reportedly flying all the way in from the set of Dune: Part Two to simply put on her gown, strut across the carpet, and not even slow down on her way back to the airport! Boshoff’s sources say she’s going to do her job and smile through the whole thing, but that doesn’t mean she’s going to do anything else!

If this is true, it means she’s skipping everything where she’d be in speaking range of her director. Damn. If y’all still aren’t sold that these two have beef, we don’t know what to tell ya.

Innerestingly, Boshoff hears that Harry Styles may also skip the festival entirely! This was supposed to be his and Olivia’s big day, and now he doesn’t want anything to do with the drama either?!

Harry doesn’t even have the excuse of filming a big ol’ sci-fi movie in Budapest. He’s currently doing Madison Square Garden concerts, but he’s got a gap in his schedule until Wednesday, specifically for this. If he doesn’t go, it’s to NOT GO. And Olivia may have to step out at that cast photoshoot with no cast!

That’s going to be awkward as hell!

Set your calendars because this Monday evening is the premiere — meaning that afternoon we should see Florence pulling up to Olivia on the carpet being like…

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Sep 02, 2022 15:02pm PDT