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Drunk Driver Found With Pedestrian's DISMEMBERED ARM In Car After Alleged Hit & Run!

'ENTIRE ARM' Of Pedestrian Found In Drunk Driver's Car After He Allegedly Struck & Killed Them

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

This drunk driver was caught red-handed… LITERALLY.

A Texas man named Juan Morgan Munoz is accused of running over a pedestrian while leaving a Dallas Hooters location after dinner — and the evidence police have against him is absolutely jarring. The 31-year-old was on his way to his job at Maaco Auto Body Shop just after midnight on Saturday when he allegedly struck a pedestrian and sped off. His workplace was only about a mile away, according to reports from Fox4, and after he arrived he called police an HOUR later. WTF?! But it somehow gets even worse!

Munoz was already on probation from a previous DWI, and had now landed himself in more hot water after this incident. When law enforcement arrived on scene, they found the suspect with “glassy/watery eyes, slurred speech” and reeking of alcohol. They also found his BMW, which had a gaping hole in the windshield, and something inside the passenger seat.

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Upon further inspection, an affidavit reported that officers realized “an entire arm” was lying in that passenger seat!! And throughout the car, more body matter and blood was found. WTF?! How fast would someone even have to be speeding to rip an arm clean off and have it burst through a windshield?! We can’t imagine…

Munoz failed multiple field sobriety tests on scene, and his breathalyzer came back as .179. That is more than twice the legal limit, and also remember — police say he waited over an hour to call cops. So, who knows what it was at the time of the hit-and-run! He claimed that he only had “one shot of Patron” earlier that night, but also admitted to having cocaine in his system.

As we noted above, the suspect has had MULTIPLE charges for DWIs over the years, with one in 2018 which resulted in a fine, and another last year which left him on probation. He has been taken into custody for a felony DWI for this latest incident.

The victim has not yet been publicly identified, and there haven’t been any other details yet released about who they were or what they were doing prior to this horrible tragedy. We feel so awful for this poor victim’s family and loved ones. May they rest in peace and get the justice they deserve.

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[Image via Dallas County Jail]

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