Eclipse Actor Says There Will Be 5 Twilight Movies!!!


Oh boy, oh boy! Get excited Twilighters! We’re hearing from an actual cast member that there should be THREE more Twilight movies coming our way after New Moon!

Recently casted Boo Boo Stewart (yes, that’s really his name, and, no, he isn’t related to K-Stew) spilled the beans in a recent interview that as far as he knows, the big wigs are planning on five total Twilight movies.

With only four books, that suggests two options. The more likely option is that the final novel, Breaking Dawn, will be turned into two films, something that author, Stephenie Meyer has suggested.

The second, more exciting option, could be that a whole new story may be in the works for another film/book. How much would you Twilighters love that?!

By the way, Boo Boo will be playing Seth Clearwater, the youngest boy in the werewolf pack.

So which would U rather see: Breaking Dawn split in two or a brand new story?

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Aug 21, 2009 8:30pm PDT

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