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Elliot Page Details Terrifying Transphobic Attack In Los Angeles

Elliot Page Details Terrifying Transphobic Attack In Los Angeles

Elliot Page is opening up about transphobia in the City of Angels.

The Umbrella Academy actor sat down with the Los Angeles Times Sunday to promote his new book, Pageboy: A Memoir, which is out Tuesday, and got real about the different position he’s in as a famous trans man than many other trans individuals around the world.

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As you may know, many states across the US have been attempting to establish anti-trans bills, which severely limits the access to gender-affirming care and overall representation, which is why Elliot, who came out as trans in 2020 and has largely been met with support and celebration, feels his situation is so “rare.” He explained:

“I’m such a rare example of what it means to be trans. I’m just in this strange position where it’s like, yeah, my journey has really not been easy. At moments, I thought: ‘I don’t know what my future is. I don’t know if I see it.’ But I also just have this amount of privilege that so many trans people do not get.”

But, with all the “privilege,” the Juno actor has still found himself the subject of transphobia. In an excerpt from his highly anticipated memoir, the 36-year-old recalled that just last year while he was visiting Los Angeles, he stood on the corner of Sunset and La Cienega as he approached the Pink Dot convenience store. At the same time, a stranger approached, and began spouting terrifying slurs at the Inception actor:

“I’m going to f**king gay bash you, f*****.”


What kind of sicko seriously goes out of their way to try and harm and verbally assault someone else for just walking down the street??

Elliot added that he was rightfully nervous, and began making a beeline for the small store, where employees were quick to help him inside. However, the transphobe’s tangent wasn’t yet over, as Elliot recalled in his book that from the other side of the door, the man yelled:

“This is why I need a gun!”

Absolutely horrifying! Ultimately, the X-Men: The Last Stand actor was unharmed and able to get back to safety, but the scary situation left a lasting mark on him. He shared:

“Now when I’m in Los Angeles, I don’t feel comfortable like I used to going for walks.”

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But this is where that privilege that Elliot was talking about comes into play — he was able to get back to the safety of his fancy hotel room and hire security… But for many others in his same situation, it could have ended up far worse. The Whip It star shared:

“Doesn’t mean it’s not traumatic, but I have resources that, in every instance that is difficult, protect and can shield me from these things.”

It’s refreshing to hear a celebrity acknowledge their privilege so openly. We just hope Elliot continues to be a champion for the trans community.

Will YOU be picking up his book, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments down below!

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