‘All The Evil’ — Farrah Abraham Talks Depression, Jealous Friends, And More Surrounding Her Life & Teen Mom OG With Final Dr. Drew Sit Down!

farrah sits down with dr drew

Getting closure???

While Farrah Abraham was MIA from part one of the Teen Mom OG reunion, it appears that the MTV vet has filmed a sit down with longtime counselor Dr. Drew. As you surely know, Miz Abraham and the network had quite the falling out, after those in charge of TMOG stated she could NOT pursue an adult entertainment career while on their reality TV show.

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This decision caused some serious tension between the mother-of-one and the TMOG crew, as she accused Viacom and producer Morgan J. Freeman of slut shaming her. In a sneak peek for her April 23 chat with Dr. Drew, the 26-year-old shared:

“I just feel proud of me standing up and just keeping in mind every other woman, every other experience, everybody who is in the LGBTQ community who has shared about me doing what is right, always trying to choose and make the right choices, navigating my life. I’m happy that I didn’t let people break me from my core, which I felt this production was doing and many people around me.”

Despite the tensions between Farrah and Viacom, the reality TV starlet revealed that she doesn’t plan to speak ill of the network OR its parent company. She continued:

“Hopefully I get a better environment because of me choosing to live a different life.”

What a positive way to look at things. Well done, Farrah!

And we sincerely think the TV personality turned XXX performer has let go of her bad blood with TMOG gang. For starters, she settled her lawsuit with Viacom. Secondly, she posted the following on Instagram about her convo with Dr. Drew:

One last HOORAH with FARRAH @teenmom @mtv April 23rd. It’s been a great 10 year era of Farrah for Teen Mom I always make the most out of life and I’m so blessed I got to be that fighter, the strong women, the honest single parent, showing motherhood can be glamorous, Joy, happiness, memories & no regrets. Life is a challenge but to be an advocate for a young innocent child,lead, guide, love, succeed and give it your all is amazing, a once in a life time surprise, I’m blessed I graduated high school early, graduated college with 2 degrees, started 3 companies, have an international brand from all the support, became a new York times best selling author, became a actress ,became the best Farrah I can be & travel the globe with my daughter. I started all of this from Council Bluffs Iowa. I hope my start into my adult self from teenager to adulthood shows you as it showed me I can achieve far more then I could ever imagine God is amazing and “no one or thing” can get in the way of our life destiny to be great! Life is beautiful & I’m thankful I was the (1) out of 10 teen moms statistically to over come the challenges and struggles of teen parenthood. I want to add the struggles of being a teen parent were only half the struggles I felt but the other struggles from production, going through loss of Sophia father, depression,being famous, my mother, jealous friends,being a leader, political immature shit, the control & power trips from society really added more & I have to say I rose about all the evil and all the hate by focusing on myself, loving, growing and developing what’s next to better our world for future generations. I will always improve social causes and improve our world! Happy I get to share more Farrah with you soon! #makinghistory #OG #teenmom #parenting #metoo #timesup #women #womenempowerment #tv #media #eco #farrahabraham #philanthropist #makingchange #environment #socialmedia #queen #slay #singlemom #singleparentA post shared by Farrah Abraham (@farrah__abraham) on Apr 16, 2018 at 10:56am PDT

You tell ’em, girl! Be sure to ch-ch-check out the sneak peek for yourself (below)!

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