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Britney Spears Consumes Too Much Caffeine & Stays Up For 3 Days Straight: REPORT

Britney Spears Over Consumes Caffeine & Stays Up For Days On End -- And Should Be Kept Away From Knives?? REPORT

Britney Spears has an unhealthy relationship with caffeine?

Fans of the iconic pop star will know she’s no stranger to posting… uhh, eccentric, for lack of a better word… videos to her Instagram feed. However, new details from a source claiming to have direct knowledge could potentially provide some context for her at times bizarre behavior.

An insider told TMZ on Tuesday that the Toxic singer consumes caffeine in the form of energy drinks like Red Bull and Celsius, as well as in coffee and dandelion tea — and she does it pretty much nonstop. The source said that because of her high consumption of the stimulant, she’s even been known to stay awake for three days straight! Oh no…

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OMG! That totally makes sense for some of her posts, right? She could either be hopped up and jittery from all the caffeine, or in a delirious state from sleep deprivation! As far as reasons for her mass imbibing go, Dr. Drew Pinsky (first and foremost an addiction medicine specialist) explained to the outlet that people with mental illness often seek the high that comes from the binge intake, which he noted is not very good for your health. It’s easy to forget caffeine is a drug since it’s in products we consume every day, stuff we let children drink. But it is — and in such large doses it can be dangerous.

Poor Britney has just been through so much, and it’s honestly heartbreaking to see her continue to struggle.

Next Monday, TMZ will release an investigative documentary on the Gimme More singer, called Britney Spears: The Price of Freedom, which is set to explore her life in the year and a half since breaking free from her conservatorship. In a teaser for the production, the outlet’s managing editor Fabian Garcia claimed she once “got physical with Sam [Asghari].” Oh no!

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Elsewhere, Charles Latibeaudiere claimed:

“People closest to her feared for her safety.”

He also made the startling recommendation to “keep knives away from her.” See (below):

The outlet was informed Tuesday that the Lucky singer viewed knives as a form of protection, as she has a looming fear that she will be re-institutionalized. Very sad… and scary in the context of her caffeine over-consumption and sleep deprivation, which the American Academy of Sleep Medicine claims, “has a particularly debilitating effect on judgment and decision making processes that depend heavily upon the integration of emotion with cognition.”

Debilitated decision-making and weapons of any kind do NOT go well together. If this is true, we hope Britney can continue to get the help she needs to further rehabilitate… It’s so disheartening to hear of her situation.

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