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Fifth Harmony Singer Ally Brooke Reveals She's Still A Virgin At 27!

ally brooke a virgin at age 27

Well, this isn’t something you hear every day from pop stars — at least not since the Jonas Brothers were still in their teens!

Ally Brooke, formerly of Fifth Harmony, just revealed she’s still a virgin at 27 years old! And proud of it!

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Ahead of the release of her new memoir, Dream Big, Have Faith, and Achieve More Than You Can Imagine, the singer braced her fans for what many will consider the book’s most shocking revelation. Sitting down for a virtual talk with the hosts of the Hollywood Raw podcast on Friday, Ally explained why she chose to be honest about something so personal:

“I opened up in my book about [saving myself for marriage]. I was brave to share that. That’s something that I hold dear to my heart. And I hold still to this day. I was really happy to be able to share that with my fans, and readers and to show them the choice that I made. And have them receive it however they want to receive it. Letting my true heart shine was the goal of this book.”

So how is she able to navigate the modern dating scene with intimacy off the table? Like, how to guys in 2020 react when their Fifth Harmony fantasy girl tells them that’s not happening?? The Low Key artist detailed to hosts Dax Holt and Adam Glyn:

“I share that, and they either respect it or not. Everyone has respected it, which is awesome. A lot of people respect the things that sometimes you’re nervous to share. Which I’ve learned, just tell them in advance or speak up for yourself. Most of the time people will respect it.”

ICYMI, the former girl band member has been dating her manager Will Bracey since September 2019. She previously dated Troy Ogletree from 2013 to 2015, and was linked to Drew Chadwick in 2012.

Although she has had people largely respect her choice, that’s not always the case, says the Texas native:

“I have had those moments where people would make fun of me, or question me and be like, ‘Yeah right.’ I just have to hold that in my heart and know my truth and just let that be that. It’s awesome feeling that respect. I’ve never felt any pressure and that’s the great part about it.”

Brooke also detailed a scary experience with a music exec that she encountered from her Fifth Harmony days:

“There was a lot going on in the group and I was dealing with a lot at a certain point. I had asked for outside help and advice. I was kinda desperate. ‘I need help please give me advice, I don’t know what to do here and how to get through this and make everything better.’ Really, I didn’t have much to open me up and much life in me at this point. So I was really looking for help. This music executive was like come meet with me I can help you.”

Unfortunately this became less about help and more about this guy trying to help himself. She continued:

“Then when I went, he gave me a thong and said, ‘You’d look really good in this.’ I was completely humiliated, shocked, and disgusted. I didn’t feel like I had any power to do anything about it, because sadly at that time people heard about these things but really didn’t do much. People weren’t being held accountable for their actions. So I just felt so helpless and alone. Just a searing humiliation and even afraid. At the time what could I do? I was just a small girl in a group and all these people had the power.”


Well, we’re glad Ally was able to stay strong and true to herself despite everything else. Watch more from the honest interview (below):

[Image via WENN/Avalon & Ally Brooke/YouTube.]

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