Protect Your Balls, Dude! Conor McGregor Almost Forgot To Wear A Cup To Fight Floyd Mayweather Jr.!

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The fight has been over for a week now, but news is still coming out about the big bout between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Conor McGregor… and this little tidbit is particularly wild!

It turns out that just minutes before he was supposed to head out to fight, McGregor realized he forgot one VERY important thing: his cup!

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Minutes before he was supposed to go fight Mayweather, as he was sitting back stage fully prepared, dressed, and ready, McGregor suddenly realized he wasn’t wearing his cup — and he needed an assistant to go get it ASAP!

And in addition to the cup, he forgot his mouthpiece, too — WTF, dude?! Were you ready to fight or not?? LOLz!!

An assistant had to run back to McGregor’s Vegas home and grab all the gear, delaying the fight somewhat (though it turned out he had plenty of time, anyways).

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What a crazy little sub-story on a wacky fight night. Who forgets their cup and mouthpiece for their own boxing match??

At least he was able to use ’em when it counted — because he sure needed them against Mayweather!!!

[Image via WENN.]

Sep 2, 2017 11:22am PDT