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Halle Bailey’s 'Insecure' Boyfriend DDG Shades Her Over ‘Kissing Dudes’ On Screen In New Song

Halle Bailey’s ‘Insecure’ Boyfriend DDG Shades Her Over ‘Kissing Dudes’ On Screen In New Song

Is Halle Bailey’s (ex?) boyfriend “losin’ it” in his new song?

Rapper DDG, Darryl Dwayne Granberry Jr., dropped a new album last week, and one song in particular is catching social media users’ attention… For all the wrong reasons. In Famous, the first track off his Maybe It’s Me release, the rapper seemingly sets his sights on his movie star girlfriend, who starred as Ariel alongside Jonah Hauer-King’s romantic Prince Eric in this year’s The Little Mermaid. However, DDG’s track wasn’t necessarily a romantic serenade, per se…

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In the nearly four-minute long song, the 25-year-old opened about his own insecurities, and seemingly how dating a high-profile star exacerbates them. He rapped:

“Sometimes I feel so defeated, broken hearts repeated / Said ‘I love you,’ did you mean it? Why don’t I believe it? / I’m trynna figure out what we gon’ do / How we gonna get to the top? / Filming a movie now you kissing dudes / You know I love you a lot / I don’t give a f**k if that s**t for promo / I don’t want to see this s**t no more / Why is you holding hands in the photo? You know I’m insecure, that’s a no-no.”

Oh jeez, where do we even begin?

Perezcious readers may remember back in May during the London premiere of their live action Disney adaptation, Halle and Jonah were seen holding hands while walking the ocean blue carpet. What was likely just a little co-star love, and a bit of acting to help sell their on-screen romance, turned into something messy QUICK. Fans on social media noticed that after spotting the photos, DDG BLOCKED Halle on Twitter and Instagram… And she quickly did the same!

Word on their relationship been mum since then, but this new track seems to suggest the event contributed to a bit of a rough patch… DDG continued in the song:

“I been so insecure that I be thinkin’ you really be f****n’ n***** you in movies with / But on the internet, I just be coolin’ it, but in my head, a n**** really losin’ it. Gotta be payin’ good ‘cause you keep doin’ it / I might just tweet somethin’ just to ruin it / I got a platform, I’m abusin’ it / It’s a couple things about your job I wanna know / When you shoot your movie, do these n***** turn you on? / When you leave the set, do y’all still text each other phone? / Just because they filmin’ it, it don’t mean that it ain’t wrong.”

Wow… Uh, he does know he doesn’t HAVE to date an actress, right?? He did seem to address that truth in the song, rapping that he wants to leave but he’s “too attached.”

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Twitter users have since taken to the app to drop their own opinions on the matter — and spoiler alert, they’re not great for him. Ch-ch-check out some of the best (below):

DDG has since tweeted that he’s going to “delete” the music video, which has since surpassed one million views on YouTube, but as of now, it’s still up.

Watch the full thing (below):

What do YOU think of the whole ordeal, Perezcious readers? Do you understand where he’s coming from, or is he acting up? Let us know in the comments down below!

[Images via Halle Bailey/Instagram, & DDG & Disney/YouTube]

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