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Counterfeit condoms a problem in China

Eeek! That is a problem! Read the article accompanying this headline….after the jump.

Counterfeit condoms a problem in China

The spread of counterfeit condoms is rampant in China, state media reports.

Police are currently looking for as many as a million knock-off prophylactics produced by an illegal factory in central Hunan province, The Times of London said Wednesday.

Four people were arrested at the factory which was distributing illicit condoms nationwide that provided little or no protection and carried the risk of both pregnancy and disease.

Authorities say when they entered the factory they saw bare-chested employees using vegetable oil to lubricate the condoms and putting them into fiber bags without any sterilization.

Since March the factory has turned out more than two million condoms labeled as “Jisson, Durex. Rough Rider, Six Sense and Love Card.”

China’s condom market is the fourth-largest in the world.

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Nov 12, 2009 20:30pm PDT

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