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Holly Madison Reveals She Never Spoke To Hugh Hefner Again From Their Breakup To His Death

Holly Madison Reveals She Never Spoke To Hugh Hefner Again From Their Breakup To His Death

Holly Madison is opening up about her final interaction Hugh Hefner. And surprisingly, it was their breakup!

The model moved into the Playboy Mansion and started dating Hef in 2001, but after years of being his “#1 girl” they officially split in 2008. Now, six years after his death, she’s letting us know what her last words were to her ex — absolutely none. He died nine years after they broke up, and in all that time she never spoke to him again.

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The 43-year-old told E! News on Thursday that after the couple called it quits, she saw him as basically a stranger — despite being a couple the better part of a decade:

“It was odd because after I left the relationship, I was so shell shocked because I realized that this vision I’d had of him the whole time as this amazing person was just kind of something I had wished for and kind of made up in my own head. And I realized the person I was looking at was really a stranger. So, I never really had any desire to say anything to him.”

Holly has previously opened up a lot about life with the Playboy founder, and just like she’s expressed in the past, she believes there’s pros and cons to everything. Being the kind of person she is, she admitted she “always hoped that things would change” despite all the mistreatment:

“I knew there was problems in the relationship the whole time, and, obviously, super huge red flags. But there was also the other side of the relationship where we were really close and he would tell me all these positive things, so I always hoped that things would change.”

And things did change! For the worse… When the former playmate realized Hefner “had kind of been causing all this drama between me and the other girls” she decided she “couldn’t put up with it anymore.” She broke off her long-term relationship with the publisher and never spoke to him again. Talk about cutting off an ex…

Life between her and the other girls is not the only Playboy drama The Girls Next Door alum is getting into, though. Now she’s telling true crime stories that intertwine with that world on her upcoming Investigation Discovery series The Playboy Murders, which premieres on Monday, January 23. She explained to the outlet:

“There were so many cases I’d never heard of, and I was so intrigued and wanted to learn more. So, because this was about six different stories that were so different from my own — but I could relate to these women just because of our backgrounds — I really wanted to be a part of it.”

Sounds like she’s alright with returning to the Playboy world now as an observer — and with her ex no longer being around.

What are your thoughts on Holly’s choice not to speak to Hef ever again after the breakup? Let us know in the comments (below).

[Image via Rachel Worth/WENN/Holly Madison/YouTube]

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