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Is 18-Year-Old Honey Boo Boo Considering Having Babies With Her Boyfriend Soon??

OMG 18-Year-Old Honey Boo Boo Is Already Talking Having Babies With Her Boyfriend!

Is it time for Mama” June Shannon to pass her title down to Honey Boo Boo?!

Alana Thompson has been in a relationship with controversial boyfriend Dralin Carswell for three years now — since she was 15, and he was 18. Between his legal troubles, her own family struggles, and even deciding to take the big step and move in together — it’s no surprise they’d have some serious relationship talks. But they are so young for this one!

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In the past, the 18-year-old has said she and her 21-year-old beau have had talks about the future including marriage and kids. But is now the time to push forward?? In a new interview with, Alana doesn’t seem so sure! She dished:

“He wants kids and I don’t want kids. I told him after I graduate school and stuff then that would be the time to talk about kids. I definitely don’t want no kids while I’m in school, for sure.”

Phew! The Toddlers & Tiaras alum is studying to be a nurse, and that’s no easy work! It would definitely add a lot to her plate if she were to have kids now. She’s still only a teen, there’s plenty of time to figure that out in the future. Even so, it seems the couple are discussing these possibilities. The reality TV star even said they’ve reached an agreement on the number of kids they might have in the future:

“I told him ‘I can meet you in the middle and we can have one’. One and done, that’s it.”

It definitely sounds like Alana isn’t too sure about all this, which is totally fine! Trying to make any big decisions like that as a busy, 18-year-old college student is nothing to take lightly. We just hope she stays strong and makes sure he always knows when she isn’t sure!

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[Image via Alana Thompson/Instagram]

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Jun 18, 2024 06:14am PDT